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A continuation of my post from yesterday

7. 20 items or less means just that. Those stands are not built for a full basket of stuff and it annoys and makes the customers behind you, who only has a few items and is ready to go, wait even longer.

I have had some customers yell at other customers for doing that. I don't blame them.

8. The number of hours allowed for associates is set by home office, not store management. If there are not enough cashiers it isn't our fault. Not to mention that a lot of the people they hire for cashier are minors who call in all of the time.

9. If someone doesn't have a name tag on then they are probably on lunch or off the clock and are just shopping or picking up stuff. Leave them alone and stop getting mad because they are not working or can't answer your questions because they are off the clock. Laws are laws, and everyone deserves a break and to go home for the day. Some people work for a living, we can't all be Bon Bon munching welfare recipients or bored rich housewives.

10. You cannot park in the fire lane or the handicapped spot if you are not handicapped. If we tell you to move your car then shut up and move it. You are not royalty or some celebrity. Even they are not allowed to park in those places. The walking may also do you some good and help diminish America' s reputation as the fattest country on earth.

Review about: Walmart Cashier.

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the chunks I blow..? well.. if you the person you were recently stalking was throwing up, I can't say it was me.


Naw, just trying to dodge the chunks you blow!!!!! :( :( :(




jeez.. someone is getting a little angry.

judging by the smiley faces. I guess me not catering your odd fetishes is irritating you?


Actually, I don't caer how you do it. I just want you referred to in the past tense. :( :( :(


and you still want me to eat sh*t? weird..


OK try this one. Eat sh it and die - just go away.

I don't care how you do it, just GO! :(


anonymous, it's one thing to reply back to me when I'm posting in the Target section since you hate them so much after you "Target hating because of disaster related reasons speeches" but you're seriously going to hunt me down because of a post about an insane woman like MsLea? a woman that everyone seems to hate except for you, for some odd reason.

and I'm beginning to think you've been watching that old 2 girls 1 cup video? because you have some weird fetish going on in your last few comments.


Oh h h Hate ...

Eat your own nasty tu rds! :p :p


MsLea, you don't have to keep reminding us that you're nothing but a trouble making psycho. you've been reminding us daily since the first complaint that you posted.


I always bring hundreds of items at the 20 or less cash registers. When the cashier says no I tell them that my husband who works at home office will be hearing about this. She then makes me empty the items that I have hidden in my pocket and purse and pay for them at the regular registers, oh the nerve.

Then at the pharmacy I ask for a few extra pills because sometimes I like to overdose or sell and they refuse to give more than my prescription.


correction. her imaginary husband.

MsLea, customers are not royalty. when I go into a store, I don't dress like a king and expect the employees to have the red carpet rolled out for me and an electric wheelchair pimped out to look like a throne. I go into a store and am happy just as long as I'm treated fairly. I don't need a store to honor an ad about a patio that was found in a nasty old newspaper that I failed to read until weeks later.

I don't expect an off the clock employee to risk his job to just get me help with a diet coke. and I certainly don't act like a psycho that makes up fake stories nonstop for attention.


Anthony, Mslea is one of the people who mistreat the workers. When they don't give in to her temper tantrum and bend the rules for her she threatens to have her husband who works at home office fire them.


Mslea there are some customers whom they would rather lose their business than keep their business. You being one of them.


@Mrslea This is true but you see, the associates of Walmart, are not the owners. If you have a problem with the store take it up with said owners.

Yes you can take your business elsewhere. PLEASE DO! Maybe then Walmart will decide to do things right.

They mistreat the average worker, why? Because they can.


Like I said in part 1, no one has to shop in your store. The customer is royalty in the retail world. They are the only reason you exist and they are your only real boss.

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