Springdale, Arkansas
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Please start hiring people who speak english. Please start hiring people who shower at least once a week instead of once in a lifetime. Please start hiring people who can add 1+1. Please start hiring faster people. Please start putting out fresher food. Please start hiring employees with better attitudes. Please stop clogging up the aisles with pallets and boxes. Please stop allowing employees to eat and drink on the floor, especially at the registers. Please turn your TVs in the store down with those annoying advertisements. Please start being a retail store again.

Thank you very much in advance

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I dont know who youre talking about ? If if you refer to latino people im sorry for you but latino people are the cleanest people in the world and the proudest of who they are, they like the most expensive things and take a good care of their appearance especially when they work with customers like cashiers , in our latino countries the one who has the best things is the most important , poor people in our countries are discriminated against , our people are very prideful.

You dont know what you are talking about but latinos speak very good english and i am sure that walmart does not hire latino people that dont speak english .

In our countries there are professional people who studied for good careers , unfortunately there are times that they dont find jobs at all because of the economy of the country and they have to come to the U.S. to come look for a job and unfortunately cant get the job they have studied for and many times they have to get jobs like cashiers, waiters , janitors, housekeepers because of the language sometimes but once they are here they go to school and could get better jobs than what you could get in your lifetime which i doubt you could find one since the only thing you do is sit on your lazy flat but and make dumb posts on the internet about *** things like whining about not getting the ad paper on time and getting stuck on a door so next time you speak think about what you write on here


Bruce really ought to stop bashing the company he works for on here. One of these days we are going to pinpoint the store he works at.


*has to offer.


Anyone ever notice BigBruce never posts any complaints for companies? He just nags and nitpicks about the posts of other people.


Yes - start by firing all the supervisors at the home office - the biggest M0R0NS Wal-Mart has to office.


If you shop at an evil corporation like Walmart you deserve all the headaches that come with is.


If you shop at an evil corporation like Walmart you deserve all the headaches that come with is.


Agreed 100%