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After reading quite a few Walmart complaints from customers on this site, I think it is time for the employees to have their turn. I am writing this anonymously for obvious work related reasons. Now while I agree that there are some legitimate complaints about Walmart on this site, there are also plenty of BS posts from the type of customers that I am trying to address in this post. Those hard to please *** who come in expecting us to fly them to the moon and back.

1. You are not always right. Some of you are just people who are mad at the whole world and you find anyone you can take it out on. If you are just being downright abusive we are going to refuse to help you and we are not required by law to help you either. We also have no problem throwing you out or calling the cops if you go beyond the law with your anger.

2. We are NOT responsible for your kids. Walmart is not a daycare center. It is your responsibility to look after your own children. If they get lost we will stop what we are doing and look for them, but stop blaming us because you cannot take care of your own brats. Maybe you shouldn't have children in the first place if you can't look after them. And if they are running wild tearing up stuff then we are going to tell them to stop. End of story!

3. We get breaks and lunches. We are not superhuman and we need to take a load off at times during the workday. If you see us on the floor shopping or at the pharmacy picking up a prescription then LEAVE US THE *** ALONE! There is always someone else on the floor you can ask, so spare me that "I can't find anybody else" ***.

4. Management is responsible for staffing the registers and they can only work with what they have. In fact, I have never worked at any store, nor have I been in any store anywhere in the USA, that wasn't well staffed at the checkout lanes during the day. A crowded store like Walmart is going to have lines no matter how hard we try. So get over it. At night there is less people in the store so they are going to be fewer checkouts open. Again, most of the complaining about this is from the same people who expect us to give them the moon and stars.

5. If we don't have it then we don't have it. We will look for the product you are looking for to the best of our abilities and we will even call other stores to see if they might have it, but we don't have magic wands either.

6. Telling us that you are never shopping at the store again doesn't hurt us. Walmart is a billion dollar giant and you taking your $100.00 elsewhere isn't going to make any difference. Most Walmart employees don't work at Walmart their entire life anyway and neither do most of us want to. Besides, most of the time you folks who say this are right back the next day.

7. Don't go ballistic on us just because a price rings up wrong. Especially if it is just like a $1 difference or so. We can change reasonable price differences easy. Nobody likes a cheapskate.

8. Walmart store management and associates are not responsible for separate stores and restaurants within Walmart like Subway or McDonalds. They are separate companies ran by separate people. All those places have to do with Walmart is pay rent to Walmart to use the space. If you have a problem with then you complain to their company not us, we cannot do anything. Same with the coke machines out front. Those machines are stocked and maintained by separate vendors such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. If your dollar gets stuck in the machine or something then we will give it back to you at customer service. Stop yelling at passing associates who are coming or leaving for the day or are on break or lunch. They can't do anything about it, it is not their fault.

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are you kidding me?? the original poster of this topic has complained more about Walmart than anyone else has.

yeah, MrsLea. look at some of her older posts.


I have a confession to make. Mrs Lea was never a real person.

I just made her up. I am a former walmart worker who used the account to do a parody of WM customers.


I've worked retail in the past-but never at Walmart. I have always been respectful to employees at Walmart.

I don't expect workers anywhere to "babysit" my children when shopping. One of the local Walmarts never (and I mean NEVER- no matter what time of day or night) has more than 5 max of the 18 registers open - usually it is 3-4 open at a time. The self-checkouts rarely work or are open. It becomes an occasion for celebration when you go to check out and there are 5 open.

I agree when you say that Walmart doesn't give a *** about when customers threaten to shop elsewhere. You are obviously part of the problem when you confirm that Walmart thinks of their customers as expendable. My biggest concern is that Walmart not ruins communities when they open & close stores, that even after they have left a community they still find ways to screw those communities by making it so no one can lease the empty buildings and bring good to a community.

Perhaps if I am able to spread this enough, a groundswell will occur and billions of people will stop. Then, Walmart will have to pay attention - by the way, how are sales going??????


MrsLea, you are my hero. I wish everyone who shops at walmart could read this...


I have worked at walmart for4 1/2 YR's. Started on a remod crew, stayed on as cart associate.

Other people started after me and got moved in to a department in just a few months/even a few weeks. This kept ocureing again, and again for 2 yrs. I finally had to talk to the store manager and ask why are other people moving inside before me. Some even getting full time positions.I said I don't think that's very right it was a new manager of the time because Walmart goes through managers like a baby dose diapers.

moving them around from store ..because none of them know how to run a messed up store like Walmat. so finally months later I was offered the position inside.there

seems to be some kind of femaNazi man hating circle within the Walmart. because I haven't seen the mail and pulley get a position above department manager.all the higher positions keep getting handed out two women no men. ZSM, asst Manager.there is now multiple positions of zsm & asst.

Mrg all female.I can't get off the reg. I want to advance my career to higher position. I work very hard and I'm going and that's why they're scared for the job or something average retail long time and I'm stuck making 1010 getting 40 cents a year raises from a multi billion dollar corporation. And stuck at the end of the totem pole because every female put in for every other female for advancement.

that's what it seems like anyway. Andso understaffed it's ridiculous that sales floor people scheduled two days a week just a covert cash registers cause they don't want to hire more people or give us any hours.I can't even get 40 hours a week they don't pay me *** so I need for your ho :?

urs not 3 3 believe it or not $161 my paycheck would realy be a big come you bust your *** so hard run on the store doing never been in when you can get a decent wage 466 dollars every two weeks can't live on that ***!!!that's a walmart has low prices to this *** on the employees.Walmart needs to set the standard and start their employees at like 10 bucks an hour number one in the fortune 500.can't pay their employees a decent wage.we all know it no one wants to say anything.I'm tired of it the world needs to know how it realy is!!! ONE PISSED OFF & BROKE TIRED OF IT WALMART EMPLOYE!!!!!!


*** ck Walmart! I hope the place goes out of business!

Walmart treats it's customers and employees like *** The people who run Walmart are a bunch of c u n t s!

I hope the place goes out of business! Hooray for Target!

@Michael G. Smith

Yep yep


2 words DOLLAR GENERAL :cry


I don't work at Walmart but I shop there very often and know the store well...though employees are always willing to be helpful..whether on the clock or off, I have on several occasions been able to direct customers to the aisle for the merchandise they are looking for...especially in the grocery department. This is because they have these large signs on the aisles that have a picture and only list 2 or 3 items that can be found on that aisle. The signs are nice but they would be more useful if they had more of the items found on that aisle listed on the very large sign.



WHEN are you going to give it up? We get it.

You hate the customers that shop in the store where you work. OK - We got it. Give someone else a chance to be heard on this site.

You monopolize this site so much that legitimate employees have to suffer the wrath intended for you. Just shut the *** up and go away.


We don't hate the customers who shop at our stores. We dislike rude people who act like the world should kiss the ground they walk on!

May I please add one for the list above???

9. When I am pushing a cart with two young tired looking children in it and I am not wearing my badge I am OFF!!! Those are my kids and I will not stop to help you out, regardless of how much help you need!


sounds fair to me, I have people ask me for help when I'm shopping in other stores, try to tell them I don't work here, they insist I do .Just walk away


Very nice posts. I remember working the fitting room with the horribly busy phones. I kept hearing a kid cry for his mom. I looked and there was a boy about 3 or so alone in a cart right outside. After looking around I brought him in the fitting room. I knocked on a couple doors just in case before I contacted management. He was the son of one of the women. She was in the handicap stall so I told her she could just bring in the cart which only had the kid and a big bag of cat food.

She said that all I had to do was stand there and answer the phone. I could at least keep an eye on him. I said I couldn't take responsibility and she threatened me bodily harm. I called for management on my walkie and it turned into a huge ugly scene. Ending in the police being called.

This is just one example of the *** employees deal with. No human being should be treated with such disrespect.


Also we can't help it if the website says we have an item in stock and we really don't have it, we have no control over what the website says. And until you have gotten an email stating that your item is ready for pick up don't call to see if it's there yet or come in and complain when it's not. It gets scanned in receiving which is when your email is sent.

No there is no system that we can look up what movies, cd's, or books we have in the store, so if you say the website says we have it you're lying and we can pull up the website on our computers to prove this.

Just because we are sold out of an item we will not take the display(TV', phones, laptops, ipods, etc..) down, things sell out but we will get more in. And no you can't buy the display if it's still on our mod and not deleted.

We can not hold items for you, just cause it's in the sales paper doesn't mean will always have it(it's a nation wide paper),if it's not in an add we won't match it, we will not match our website, other walmart's or sam's, we will not dig through the movie bins for you, we do not have to activate you're prepaid phone or add your minutes, no we do not know what that thing you saw advertised on tv is, connection center does not mean we can connect you to other departments it is the cell phone department, we will not take your items out of your cart for you stop being lazy, we can't sell you the copies of the professional pictures you copied if you don't have a copyright release for them, if you don't want to have to wait to get helped then don't shop at walmart during the holidays, and if you wait till the day before Christmas to do you shopping you probably won't get most of the things you're looking for--deal with it or don't wait till the last minute.

Just a few more for the list from someone who has worked in the electronics dept at walmart for 5yrs.


Thank you KK from a fellow electronics associate {6 years} :)


Don't forget about those who call up because they are too lazy to come in and get mad when we don't answer their call right away because we are busy with customers already in the store.


Very well said.