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"There is only one boss. The Customer.

And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money elsewhere."

You folks need to remember that everyday because it seems too many of you have forgot. The customer is your real boss. We are the reason you have a job and you earn a paycheck to support yourself and your family(if you have one). I am saying this to all hourly and managerial employees at every Walmart store out there.

Yes the customer is always right because we keep you in business. Yes we are king and queen as long as we are shopping in your store. Even if we make a mistake it is your fault and your fault only. That is what I was told when I was a Walmart employee and that is the way it is.

You leave your personal problems at home. I don't give a *** about your problems. If you don't like your job at Walmart then QUIT! Otherwise You get out of our way so we can shop and you be there to answer our questions at all times.

You get us the product we need when we ask for it. You don't get on to our kids for anything and if they get away from us somehow it is your responsibility to make sure nothing happens to them and to return them to us safely and promptly. Cashiers, if a price rings up wrong then it is your responsibility to correct it. Stockers, it is your job to make sure we have the products we need.

Managers, it is your job to make sure your employees stay on top.

Tire and lube grease monkeys it is your responsibility to make sure you do the job correctly and accurately. NO APOLOGIES.

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MrsLea, what you forget, is that even bosses have a boss (police) and when you act like a psycho in the store, it is not the associates' fault, it is yours and you are going to get thrown out.


I wouldn't have thought people in the looney bin had access to the internet, but this MrsLea is making me re-think that...


Holy ***, you're treating the employees like they're less than human. *** off


She is trolling, her husband is a home office employee (or perhaps she is and saying it is her husband so she does not lose her job) anyways she is just making fun of complaints other customers have when they call home office and playing it thick to make them seem more like buttheads.


The customer is always right, even when their wrong.


Bull ***!


This statement is not true when people like the OP abuse the employees and try to get them to bend the rules, though in this case the OP is trolling.


"The customer is always right, even when their wrong."

Ha ha but that is so wrong it isn't even funny. Greedy Walmart execs made up that rule to control their slave employees.


Wow, guess what. Without the people working their *** off in these stores their's nothing for you to purchase with your foodstamps that we give you with our money.

I assume you're on foodstamps because an honest hard-working person would never say anything this retarded.

There will always be another customer to replace you, you have no say on who gets fired, and if your brats run around like little *** I'll call child services on you. Come into my Walmart with that attitude, I dare you.


Crazy woman. MrsLea is fake.


Wow. This post is the definition of 'entitled tool'.


I have found while working in retail that the customer is right like 10% of the time and wrong the other 90%. Go figure! And especially since consumers do not read these days.


D*mm LadyScot - Do you EVER quit running customers down?


LadyScot, have you ever worked in retail?


You might need to see a specialist, not this website. :x


When I was a kid I ran around and was a complete brat that's why my dad would beat me and then *** with me. I sure miss him he was the best sexual partner I ever had.

He is the reason why the only blue collar white trash job I can get is with Wal mart.


I have worked for Wal mart for the past three years. It is not the greatest job in the world but you work with some fun co workers kinda makes up for the sh*ty managers.

So lady it is not my fault if your child is running around acting like brat and throwing stuff. I will tell your kid to knock it off. And if he keeps it up. I will page you to the front and tell you if you don't get your child under control the both you can leave.

Because I have to worry about the SAFETY of others too. If wal mart doesn't carry a item you want. To freaking bad yeah its a super store but really we can't have anything in the world. If a item rings up wrong it is not the cashier fault.

Cashiers do not price items. That is dept managers and UPC office job. So if you worked for Wal-mart you would know that.Not everything in that store comes from a Wal-mart warehouse. That pop,beer, candy, chips, crackers,etc..etc..

comes from vendors. They come into our store and are too keep there items in stock for us. So lady if you come up to my front end yelling and scream and act like a child. I will ask you to leave.

Because just cause some one works for walmart doesn mean they are *** or need to be yelled at. They are people too.


So, if a customer decides to shoot up an entire store because the price rang up incorrectly. The price which was correct, but was misread by the customer is Wal-Mart's fault.

With that said, all surviving employees of that store must be charged equally with murder, and the customer gets off scot-free. Am I right assuming the original poster's logic?


Sounds like mrs. lea is at it again.

Nothing but a troll trying to get you all pissed off. She says her hubby works at the home office.

He cleans toilets or cuts their grass or something like that. Her phony complaints are so obvious and a waste our valuable time.


Wow. I wonder if people like this have ever held a job.

And if they did how would hey feel to have some *** like them walk in. Walmart employees are not your personal slaves. Be an adult and find something for yourself. Think for yourself.

And don't throw a tantrum when something doesn't go your way.

Take responsibilty for you own mistakes. Its all part of being a semi decent human being.

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