Ruckersville, Virginia

There is debris specks in WALMART'S 5lb bags of sugar. Some are tiny black specks, others are little tan clumps.

This is pure filth from vermin. It never used to be till a couple of months ago. Will never buy Walmart brand ANYTHING anymore. This store is in Galax, VA.

Complaining to customer service is useless, as they give you their "brain dead" look but will refund your money.

Wonder if sugar comes from China, as past Chinese products (dry-wall, plactic toys, pet food ingredients, etc) contained poisons, remember the nationwide scare a few years ago. Oh well.

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They seemed to care and apologized. But this is crazy


I just bought one bag of sugar from a Chesapeak Walmart. Then returned it to Walmart in Suffolk.

Got a new one, and it had more Black and Tan stuff in it! We bought domino sugar now!


Dark spots in sugar bought from walmart. Never had this problem before


apparently they don't care cause here it is 7/13/13 and i just bought a bag with the same *** in it.


Did you know according to the US gov. there is an acceptable amount of rat *** in cereal / other products.


And Some1 likes to eat that acceptable amount. :grin


I found lumps of black debris in the Wal-Mart Value Sugar, this is the second bag I bought with this *** in it..I haven't taken it to walmart..but I should...I will sue this store so bad if this doesn't change..this is tampering with food and if the FDA finds that small particles are in the sugar, how would they respond!!! I like Wal-Mart but will not get sick over somone's stupidity..this store will go out of business..I will sue for billions...Change the Sugar..or be prepared to be sued..


If Walmart finds out who you are, they will have you thrown into a South American prison, where you will spend your days gluing the soles onto women's shoes.