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I accidentally washed my inexpensive prepaid mobile phone along with my laundry, rendering the phone inoperable.

I did a search online and found Walmart sold the same model for $29.88 and that it was on sale for $24.88.

The Walmart.com website showed that it was in stock at my local store and with "site to store" I could pick it up the same day.

Because it is an older model phone, I was somewhat skeptical that they did have it in stock. So I decided I would go to the store to purchase it..

They did have it in stock. When I told the clerks the Walmart.com price they refused to honor it. I was told "every item in the store was priced lower on Walmart.com."

I was furious at them. This was the same store that closed 15 minutes earlier than their holiday hours -- locking the doors and turning people away.

Imagine my surprise then when I did some research and found this on Walmart.com:

"Our stores will not match prices with our online store (or other online stores) because we do not consider them to be in competition with our retail stores."

There you have it. Their corporate policy is to not honor their advertised prices.

They should change their deceptive practices or the name of Walmart.com, imo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Are you honestly complaining about a $5 difference? Walmart.com is actually a separate legal entity from Walmart itself.

And when it says it is stock with "site to store" it means that it's in stock to be SHIPPED to a Wal-mart, not that it is necessarily in stock at the store. Understand the store's verbiage before you start talking like a ***.


Another reason that some items in any store are high priced than on their web sites is because the stores have to pay to have the item shipped to them. Whereas, when you order something online you pay for the shipping. Another thing the shipping costs vary from town to town, depending on distance.

First B

But don't they ship like hundreds of the item at once along with all the other items the store needs. It is not like they make 50 separate trips for each item like they do when you order online.


Stop expecting stores to match their online prices, hardly any store will match the online price because online shopping has almost no overhead unlike a brick and mortar store. The practice is not deceptive, it's clearly spelled out in their policy section. If you chose not to read it that is not Walmart's problem.


Simple, really: if you do not like the clearly stated policies, shop elsewhere. If you do not want to work there for a low starting wage, get a job somewhere else.


sounds really *** to have this policy and wonder WHO THE BRAIN CHILD that came up with it was!!! HOpefully he isn't collecting in the millions but I am sure he is.

This is when the CUSTOMERS realizes just how TERRIBLE WALLYWORLD IS!! PROFIT DRIVEN THIEVES and they could care even less about EMPLOYEES!!


What does that statement have to do with closing to get employees out on time? Read the policies I.diots!


Do you really believe WALLYWORLD cares about YOU (AN EMPLOYEE) that they wanted to get you out of work on time. I am sure if corporate KNEW MANAGEMENT would lose jobs for locking DOORs 15 minutes early.

Get real WALLYWORLD cares about one thing and one thing only PROFIT/STOCKHOLDERS/MONEY.


Don't shop there if you're so upset.


Closing at 9:00 means they want to get all customers OUT of the store so the employees could go home and they can lock up at 9:00. If they were to let people in to shop 10 or 15 minutes before closing time, they would never get them out of the store in order to close on time.

Its called common sense. On another note, how is Walmart being deceptive?

They spelled it out for the world to see, They DO NOT honor online pricing! In store only...open your eyes and stop looking for things to complain about.


"Their corporate policy is to not honor their advertised prices."

Yes, their Walmart.com advertised prices. It's not their Walmart advertised prices.

It's their Walmart.com advertised prices.

Also, prices vary from Walmart store to Walmart store as done with many other businesses. You could buy a bottle of honey for $2.99 at one Walmart and $3.49 at the Walmart in the next town. Same goes for other businesses.

Prices online are commonly less than what you could purchase in-store with many businesses. This is nothing new.



"Our stores will not match prices with our online store (or other online stores) because we do not consider them to be in competition with our retail stores."

Not deceptive at all. They tell you they won't match online prices.

It's cheaper for them to sell things online than it is to pay employees at a store, hence the cheaper prices.

You could have paid for it online then picked it up and had it for the whole five dollars cheaper. Stop complaining.


and who are they screwing when doing this THE minimum WAGE EMPLOYEE that it who!! and who will suffer in the end THE MINIMUM WAGE EARNER!



Please check your grammar.