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my wife tried to write a check for her medications at wal mart. she was declined, she was told to go to the bank and withdraw the money and return to walmart with cash.my wife is disabled and in a wheelchair,shame on walmart & telecheck for this inconvenince.when asked why they were declining our check they told her we cannot give you a reason.there was more than enough money in the account to cover this check.this should be against the law for telecheck to have this much control over our lives.so please more people speak up about the problems you may be having with telecheck.

Review about: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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You sounds like you or your wife have written bad checks in the past.

Wally World may be worth billions, but they are not about to do business with deadbeats that write bad checks.

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I believe that PissedConsumer should force you ti change the name of this complaint. Your issue is with Telecheck not WalMart.

And as a former employee of WalMart I can tell you that the reason you could not write a check is because Telecheck has you in the computer as writing bad checks.

WalMart uses them for protection. Use a debit card and quit blaming being disabled for your banking issues.


Really Tasha, i dont see how it was called for to say he beat her to the point of being disabled.

But i agree here..

Don't use disability to score pity points because it does the exact opposite.


Sorry this happened to you and your wife but Walmart Has no control over Telecheck and we can't give a customer a reason why is because its does not tell us why.


It's time to step into the brave world of 1996 and start using a debit card.


It's not Walmarts fault, telecheck is who you need to blame. Just make sure YOU are correct and you do have enough funds in your account...


Use your debit card.

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