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I purchased a pair of prescription progressive dark glasses. When I picked them up, they seemed OK.

Almost immediately, I went out of town on vacation for a month and used the glasses only for reading outside by the pool. When I got home, I tried them a couple of time for distance vision and they didn't seem right. However, I did not think to take them in to complain until after 60 days. After the 60 day return period, I had them checked by my optometrist who told me they were defective in that the reading portion of the lenses comprised the bottom 2/3's of the lenses and the distance portion only the top 1/3.

Thus, when you look straight out (as you would to see distances) you are actually looking through the reading lenses.

I discussed this with the manager of the vision department at Walmart who told me that the lenses were not defective because some customers like the wear their glasses set up that way. (I thought that argument was ridiculous with dark glasses because the only way to see distances is with the glasses hanging off the end of your nose, which means they would provide no protection from the sun.) In any case, since the 60 day period had passed, she said she could do nothing for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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How convenient that you noticed an immediate issue yet you waited until the 60 day return period was over. Sorry, but this is blatantly your fault for not being proactive.


I have noticed that most of the comments on Walmart complaints are obviously biased in support of Walmart even when it seems clear that Walmart is being unreasonable. It seems that Walmart is paying employees to monitor these websites in an attempt to diffuse any negative comments. How lame?


Yep, you figured it out. Walmart pays people to diffuse negative feedback.

Or.... We are just regular people pointing out obvious stupidity of "entitled" people..?



Look, I agree I shouldn't get a refund given the 60 day return policy. But, nonetheless, shouldn't other potential customers be warned about the shoddy work Walmart performs in their Vision department?

I went to Walmart in the first place because I was tired of paying monopoly prices at all of the other vision centers.

I guess I learned my lesson. At least when it comes to technical services requiring some skill, one should not cut corners by going to a schlock operator like Walmart.