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I bought an hkc tablet Jan 2014 for my daughters birthday. It worked fine first day.

2nd day it became really hot, froze and eventally made a POP noise after restarting it. refused to return or exchange because it eas past 15 days after ordering it, keep in mind that half of the 15 days it was shipping to me. Walmart ( the store where i picked it up) had their "high school graduate",electronics "expert" tell me I cracked and therefore refused to except a return.- some nerve! The mfg customer service # doesnt exist and no one responded by email.

I will have never ordered from walmart again, and i dont recommend you buy electronics from them. I was left with an unhappy birthday girl who didnt get a birthday present because the little money i did have eas trusted kn a worthless item paid to scammers who is

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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You really expect someone to take a product that you broke? If there is a crack on the screen then that's your fault.

You can't seriously expect them to take damaged items.

What you get to play with it till it breaks and bring it back? Not how it works.


That same junk happen to me


First of all, they are called associates, not experts. Second, the date that the return desk goes by is the one on them bottom of your receipt which is dated from the day that you picked your item up, not the date that it was ordered. Was it maybe more than 15 days since you picked it up?