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Shame on you for the degradation of President Trump. You and I may not like him but the people voted and he is our president - for better or worse - but for you to sell shirts saying to impeach President Trump shows just how unprofessional and bias Walmart has become.

I would shop and shop on-line with Walmart to purchase gift cards, groceries, just about everything. No more unless you stop degrading any president the way you just have.

I realize I am only one person and it doesn't matter but I just needed to vent to let you know that I am under no circumstances shop at Walmart anymore.

AMAZON here I come.

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Amazon sells those Tshirts too, genius.


So Original Poster...Are you going to complain to Amazon about the fact that they sell this shirt too?


Walmart does a good job of avoiding politics. If it sells, they will stock it.


If you don't like the shirt, don't buy it. They obviously wouldn't stock it if there weren't people that thought it made sense and were willing to buy it. My guess is that if they had a shirt that was against Obama you would think they were the greatest store on earth.


Go back to your rock and crawl back in the dark please. Walmart has every right to express thier feeling by selling items they feel is appropriate.

So you are the only entity that gets to use thier US CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS??? Must be nice to know that you used your first amendment right to freedom of speech to condemn, attempt blackmail. and publish your opinion as fact.

But Wally World doesn’t get the right to sell a t shirt? How is that fair??