dele at new hudson michigan close to erale open 24 hours but not dele i work late and at 830 900 all is closed . so i have to buy meat out of shled item .

they say open 24 hours that should be the hole store.not just only things, even the check out is not good. they do not have but 3 or4 cashers at time working . and the bottle return is slow, not working to keep things working and pepole happy.

machanines get full and you have to ask for help. they tell you i dont work in that spot go ask some one else.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Oh, I get it, you misspelled deli and dele. I was trying to comprehend what you were saying.

I think someone needs a refresher course in Spelling 101. Sorry, but it's no wonder why the American education system is a complete failure.


If you can read this, please learn to write a real sentence or don't wast everyone's time.


The bigger problem you should be asking is why aren't the elementary schools open 24 hours to help you with your grammar skills. Next time, pay a 9-year old to write your review for you so everyone can read it.


No WM deli that I know of is open 24 hours a day. When they say 24 hours, they don't mean certain parts, like the deli and tire and lube center.

Those hours are posted on signs at most locations. I agree that there never seems to be enough cashiers though.

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