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I've now lost over $30.00 that was in my WalMart Savings Catcher account. Every time I send an email to WalMart Customer Service about the money disappearing from my account, I get no response.

I doubt I'll ever get reimbursed and I still have no explanation from WalMart why the money keeps disappearing out of my account. I've now stopped shopping at WalMart - it's worth the few extra cents to shop someplace more honest. Perhaps WalMart should spend some money securing their Savings Catcher app.

No surprise that the Walton family appears on Forbes Richest People list every year! Do yourself a favor, delete the app from your devices and shop someplace else!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Money disappearing from Savings Catcher account.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Savings catcher funds just disappeared from my account.

  • Delete Savings Catcher App
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Someone in California keeps taking my refund money they added their own credit card and Gift card. This has happened twice.

I talked to care team and they say it will take 5 weeks to get the money back. If I get it back they will only do this again.

I ask that they delete the persons credit card from my site, but of course that hasn't been done. There is to much fraud going on here.


My Savings Catcher balance just disappeared one day toward the end of the year and I have no idea how to retrieve it. I never got an email e-gift card.

I didn't have a lot in it, only about $20.00 but it's gone - off into cyber space I guess or that big Walmart in the sky!

My current savings balance is $1.78. Big Whoop!


This is happening to a lot of people, and I feel like Walmart has been a little remiss in informing people how it works now.

Savings are automatically redeemed to Walmart Pay as a gift card.

If you go into the Redeem section you should see the Walmart pay option. If you click on that, you should see the option to add a credit card, or view gift card balance.

It should be in there.

When you want to use it, just open Walmart pay, cashier hits corresponding button, and it automatically *** the gift card balance from your transaction.


They've sent emails and there's a notification when you open the app. Just because some people don't see it doesn't mean Walmart didn't notify them.