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Deli 2 employees were so busy yapping they had no time for me as a customer so I again went to winn dixie for deli items.

Bakery I get the italian bread but all too often it is messed up sometimes the shape is so far off it just is not worth buying and other times it's more full of large holes so it can't be used for sandwiches So today again I just didn't get any. These are not new issues I have several times contacted Walmart on this and even posted pictures of the bread on facebook and at one time they ordered them to put a bell up for the deli which lasted about a week.

I wish we had a real italian bakery that knew how to make bread the right way.

Perhaps Walmart could get people who know how to get things done right someday. Note: I do not buy as much at walmart as I use to and am considering not buying anything there in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deli Department.

Reason of review: Bakery poor quality italian Deli Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: either make the product correctly or not at all. wait on customers and put the damn bell back in the deli and keep it there..

Walmart Cons: Not sastified.

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Yes we have had the very same issues. Employees to busy with their personal life to take care of customers. If the bread had and more holes it would just be crust.