Charlotte, North Carolina
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We shop at the Walmart on N Tryon in Charlotte NC when we visit our son.I was at the deli for cold cuts,the wait was 45 minutes,I was the third person in line,this is ridiculous, people come up and leave because the wait is so long,one woman behind the counter, they need ticket numbers so you can tell who is next when more people start approaching the counter,they also need co-workers to help at the counter when it gets busy,I will not be shopping at this Walmart,especially in the deli department.I feel Walmart management is very irresponsible to the complaints of the consumer

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry. Don't believe you.

Nobody waits that long anywhere. My friend works at walmart and customers are always lying about the time they stand in line. What, no one can tell time anymore?

You are one of those, right? Or you going to lie again?