Orlando, Florida
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My family and I are big contributors to the Wal Mart Corporation. My daughters usually go to get meat from the deli, and every week they have something new to tell me.

This week I was completely fed up with it.

The people there are rude to them and give them a hard time. Why? Could it be because they are minors? Yeah, well I'm paying for it so change your attitude.

I put money in these people's pockets, and they want to give my children a hard time? I don't think so. Mr.

Wal-Mart, please speak to all of your employees and tell them to have a more positive attitude. Thank you.

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and WHO do you think you are???it's wal-mart,WHAT DO YOU EXPECT????


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


The deli workers (especially one guy that seems to be in charge)in our area Walmart are the worst, it's on Cortez Blvd in Brooksville Florida They are rude EVERYTIME and act like it's an inconvienience to cut the meat for you. They have even refused to slice it for people.

I stopped buying deli meat there. Once I was going to buy some deli fried chicken there and the guy said no one felt like making it, try Kentucky fried chicken.

I complained to the manager and he said it was their decision if they felt like making the chicken or not. WHAT??


:( i work at at walmart deli in arab alabama and one of the above comments are right the people who buy are products are not paying us in the least bit even if we have no service at all we still get paid the same and the face that there minors has nothing to do with anything. your daughters may be giveing the people a hard time i have been harrased by politicians and congressmen for not cutting there meat just right.

i know its not hard to get it right but judging there standards it is impossible so i would open your eyes before you bash people who work in a walmart deli.

and please change your attitude i find it sad you go on a website to voice your displeasure and not to someone who can actualy make a diffrence what are you going to get a mob going and bring walmart down ?? how lame


you dont put money in their pockets, they get paid by the corporation so you buying or not buying doesnt influence their paychecks...and it sounds like youre never there to actually see their attitudes..only what your daughters have told you, maybe your daughters are just spoiled brats




Next time, complain to a manager and tell your kids to be rude back.