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On or around 12/4 I got my hair cut at the Wal Mart on 34thSt. S. in St. Petersburg, FL by "Alicia." Alicia told me on my first visit that she would be leaving Walmart and gave me her cell phone number so I could follow her. She cut my hair not exactly as I wanted but close enough that I went back. I should say that I have had cancer and chemo and since my hair grew back in it grows extremely slowly. It took me a year to grow it out 3 inches. When I went back on 12/4 I asked her to change how she cut it in the back. A long argument followed where she claimed repeatedly to not understand what I was saying or try to change it to something else. When I finally made myself clear, she retaliated by cutting 2 of the 3" of hair off my head. I had explained this medical problem to Alicia and told her several times to only trim it lightlly. I have bald spots from the chemo that were completely exposed by this. That weekend people were obviously shocked by my appearance. I was leaving to visit my daughter in NYC the following Monday and while in NY found a very good hair extensions salon that had the skill to add short extensions to what was left of my hair. I was completely devastated by what she did since it had taken so long to grow my hair out enough that it could curl up and cover the bald spaces. I believe she was angry because she wanted to cut my hair as she wanted and not as I wanted, and by the time I realized how short she was cutting it, it was too late to avoid it.

Hair extensions are extremely expensive and I really couldn't afford it, but after going through the multiple treatments for cancer and their effects on my hair I couldn't stand to go back to a wig. But those were my choices -- hair extensions or a wig.

I think this person should be disciplined in some way. I will certainly never have my hair done at any Wal-Mart, and I did of course tell everyone exactly where my hair got so terribly cut, and that the person who did it knew what I'd been through with my hair and how slowly it grows.

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I am sorry about your cancer issues but your complaint is not with Wal Mart. They do not own the salon they just rent the space. You may want to find out who actually owns the salon and complain to them you may get some sort of satifaction.

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