The Bronx, New York
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I went to Walmart as I sometimes do for some of my food shopping. I have an ebt card that is several years old and no longer swipes at all.

In the past I had no problem with Walmart keying in the number. In fact I had no problem with any store that accepts EBT from doing so. This time however when I went to pay for my food, I told the cashier that my card does not swipe and she told me that they are no longer allowed to type it in. I have never had this problem any where else, even another Walmart.

To top it all off, they no longer bag your groceries for you. So not only did I have to pull out my debit card which is money I need for rent to pay for everything, I had to bag everything myself.

The manager was no help either, saying the same things the cashier said. This is the worst evxperience I've ever had at any store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

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You want to solve the problem of your EBT card not swiping? Why not get a job and earn your own money.

I know that you are lazy, as you are to lazy to bag your own groceries, but stop living of state tax payers. It won't kill you to bag your own groceries. It won't kill you to get a job either. The manager and cashier have jobs.

Their taxes go towards feeding you. Complaining about them is a poor way to show your appreciation.


Everyone tells me "Get a job, *** you're able-bodied!" And then when I try to go get a job, no one will hire me for anything. And people be looking at you funny, just because you're hitch-hiking!


A lot of our service members are on ebt because the pay is so low. They already have a job protecting our freedom.


Even if they have jobs instead of complaining about the manager and cashier they should be thanking them. Because of their taxes they can use EBT and eat. Complaining is an ungrateful way to show their thanks.


It's against the law for them not to accept payment of ebt in any form if you have card in hand.


They are not allowed to type in any kind of card numbers for security reasons. So saying they couldn’t type it in was not against the law. It is the card holders responsibility to make sure their card is is working order, so get your facts straight.


You are right anonymous. and MEdicalEntlebucherMountaindog394 is wrong. People need to get their facts straight rather than making big fools of themselves with misinformation.


Why don't you request a replacement EBT card?


They are probably too lazy to do so. Just like they don't want to get a job and earn their money.


Um...Walmart does still bag your groceries and key in cards. I’m calling bs on this story. Sorry but I don’t believe you.


Hopefully they are trolling, then again some people on EBT are lazy, and have entitlement issues. Don't think they should work to feed themselves like everyone else.


The people working at Wal-Mart don't seem to have any Connor sense!


You mean common sense right. This is not about that.

It is you who lacks common sense.

The reason that they cannot type the number in is because of security reasons. Whether they have Conner(common) sense or not, at least they have jobs.