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I was shopping for a few items, , on feb. 1st, 2018, this week, , , as I got to front door, I asked the door greeter if she wanted to see my receipt, she shook her head no, so I went o n through the door detectors, and I had a radio, in my ears, , I heard the cart wheels sqeaking, on the cart, but nothing else, I saw her, and she followed me , asked me to , show receipt, witch I did, , and then I knew I was going to be late for work, so I took receipt back, thinking all was good, , as I got to my car, a police officer, asked me to , stop and show receipt, back to the store, also, , allowed him to search my car, even though I never got the chance to put any items in the car yet, anyway this store, no.

138, on Kearney st. spfd. mo., is a high crime store, I live out in the country, and it was convienent to shop there, closer to where I live, but no more, I paid for everything, and , asked her at door if she needed to see receipt, , then showed her again, the police are always there, in the store, , I wish they had another , location, , because this one store, due to high crime rate, treats us all like criminals, I will not be shopping there again, I should retain a lawyer, for being detained, just because their damn door alarms went off falsely, , ive shopped there a lot in past, with radio on, and my credit card in my sock, im in a hurry, and purse and wallet, , I leave in car, its faster, anyway, ive never had the larms go off before, , , store no. 138, Kearney st., spfd.

mo., has lost anotherpaying customer, they have a much better store, on the south side of spfd., , on independence, st., however, its out of my way, Walmart apparently doesn't care, about paying honest customers, and cannot find the real shoplifters, , so glad they all got a raise to 11 dollars an hour, I work real hard, lot harder than Walmart employees do, and , , should not be treated like a common criminal, , stay away from store no.

138, on Kearney st., in spfd. mo., and any Walmart, that has a high crime rate problem, because, youll always risk, being treated like a thug., I have a case, but,ill just refuse to shoop there any more, the idea, is to get your errands done , before work, or after work, not pay hard earned money for things, and then be treated like a criminal, and be late for work, their alarms are faulty, and go off a lot.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You used more commas in 1 post than most people use in a lifetime.



I cannot understand this complaint.

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