Ashland, Wisconsin
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Bought Pagoda brand frozen combination fried rice and schezuan beef, transported home in cooler, kept in freezer overnight ate for lunch on 03 Jul 2014.

Felt sick so skipped supper. Then diarrhea kicked in.

Was supposed to drive float of WWII vets in parade but couldn't stray from bathroom for more than 20 minutes. Great way to spend a holiday weekend - Thanks a lot Walmart!

Additionally, I wont buy any of their meat, from any brand they carry.

Past experience with tainted meat and a conversation with one of their employees revealed that the meat is froze and thawed repeatedly. Be extremely cautious of walmart brand items and processed/packaged meat products especially chicken from Tyson.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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So it's walmart's fault that the food YOU chose to get made you sick? Maybe you just can't digest that specific food.


So it couldn't have been a stomache bug? It had to be food poisoning? Go to them doctor before making these kinds of claims.