Chicago, Illinois
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I worked for walmart on a remodel and didn't receive the first check owed me,and I was still working. Today was supposedly the first deposit in my account for payroll.

They deposited it and then did a reversal on it so I STILL haven't gotten paid from walmart. And they wonder why I quit!!! Slavery is illegal! And their "quote" slogan is no working off the clock.

Obviously that's a lie. Guess the next phone call is to the Labor board.

What a joke this company is! If you have any other alternative don't work for walmart

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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Did you ever set foot into an HR department to talk to them.... BTW as with all companies your first check was sitting in an HR office waiting for you to pick it up....

your last check too as well. *** *** ***!!!


Well, now I would guess you probably got fired for being a foul-mouthed ***


Whatever... they called me to work for them again and I quit I didn't get fired.

This wasn't my main job.

And I quit because I got the run around on where my first check from them was. Maybe you being a smart mouth *** doesn't help anyone looking around for a job.


Maybe your were doing a terrible job.