Barberton, Ohio

I was leaving Wal-Mart, beginning to back up when I saw an employee gather carts behind me with the motorized cart stacker. He saw that I was leaving and then parked his buggy behind my car and left it.

I began backing up and hit it. It is car level; I couldn't see it. My complaint is he should have not parked it behind a car that had its reverse lights on. I now have red paint on the bumper of my car!

I called and told management, and she said they would watch the video tape and get back with me. I am anxiously waiting!

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it's the original poster here again but I still want to remain anonymous. but the truth is, I hit the buggy on purpose.

I beat the *** out of my kid for getting an A- on a test, now I need to pay for his medical bills. so when the Walmart employee left the buggy, I saw the perfect opportunity to sue Walmart. it didn't work out though because the video showed that I was fully aware of the buggy being there. probably especially when I decided to push some of the carts out of the buggy, ride in them like a race car and when I ate a snack that I stole from Walmart while sitting on the buggy.

so now I can't sue Walmart and now the police aren't believing my fake story about my kid falling and landing on the sidewalk. especially after seeing bruises everywhere.


so let me get this straight.. you KNEW that it was behind your car but you decided to reverse anyway?

obviously you did see it if you admitted to seeing it before hand. when the manager finally reviews the video, they'll probably see you staring at the buggy like a *** and then finally getting into your car and quickly backing out.


So you saw him leaving a buggy behind your cart and backed it out despite this. Exactly how much have you been drinking or what have you been smoking.

Now if the employee was smoking pot and doing crack and slammed the cart purposely I can see why you would be pissed.


If you saw him gathering carts behind you why would you start to back out? A prudent driver would have waited till she/he saw the cart machine with the carts and the operator safely on their way to the store. I think you could have been liable had you damaged the machine or hurt the employee!