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I went to Walmart in Palm Springs CA store#1832.I used a check to purchase my items and was told they dont check for ID.I asked the cashier why and she stated "I probably have good credit". So does this mean that anyone can use my checks?

If someone stold my check book they can use my checks? I called spoke w/a manager Debra and she said its against the law to ask for ID on a credit card or check.

That's ridiculas. So Walmart allows stolen credit cards and checks, and doesnt protect the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Wal-mart in Ohio did not ID a thief using my checks (my wallet was taken from basically under my nose while I was unloading my cart at the same wal-mart). I called my bank two days ago and cancelled all of the checks that were stolen, but wal-mart converted it to an electronic check which circumvented my bank's hold on it.

It also means that wal-mart did not hold the check so there is no way for the police to track who signed it. Ridiculous.


So you want them to break the law? I agree with Jedi, if they asked for your ID and you were black you would claim racism.


When they ask me for a ID I just show them a dic-pic that's on my cell phone. works every time


I work as a cashier at Walmart and yes they have to check for an ID for any transaction using a personal check, it is the "check policy".

1) It is on every podium except the self check-out podiums.

2) The P.O.S. system randomly asks to enforce it.

3) It has been enforced and in more stringent ways in other stores.

I was literally told that I was lying one day by a C.S.M who refused to read it and then turned around and told a salaried member of management that it doesn't say that.

Not wanting to get involved the A.M. just repeated what she said. Walmart is not in short supply of circular logic.

It says, "Check Policy: All personal and payroll checks require proper identification." What happens is that the department manger's claim it is only for check cashing. However, check cashing can only be done at the C.S.

desk? And personnel checks from your bank account are not: 1)Payroll checks 2)Government checks 3)Tax checks 4)All MoneyGram money orders. Basically, they play *** and say it is "to high up" for them. And read very carefully for what I am going to say next.

It is discrimination. To randomly enforce a policy is to inconsistently enforce a policy, whether by a random number generator or not. Walmart Management does not even know how the P.O.S. system works or whether it is truly randomized.

Thus, if you do not know whether a policy is randomly enforced and choose to enforce it anyway then you are willingly practicing discrimination, because you have the choice to obey your signage and enforce it universally anyway. Furthermore that same signage state that if an item has been wrongly shelved by the store then the lower price belongs to you. I discovered a $50 dollar difference one day and told them that we have to give it to them, especially after making this "dishonest woman" wait 20 min in *** and they told her no anyways.

Go sue them please they deserve. I have much better stories to.


Stores CANNOT ask for ID when customers use a credit card. This is per the merchant agreement with ALL the credit card companies.

As for checks, do you really think checking an ID will guard against someone stealing your checks.

Odds are that person already has your ID if they stole your purse and they can just alter the picture to use your checks. Stop being a baby and don't leave your checks in your unlocked car.


Yet if you they did check for ID you would complain and turn it into a discrimiation issue of some kind.


I also had my credit cards stolen. 300 at walmart 400 at radio shack...

not only were they stolen but they had personalizzed pictures of me and my family on them...

obviously no stores pay attention ... id love to sue the stores but don't know how to go about that or if it can even be done!


It isn't the job of cashiers' to make sure your card isn't stolen. It's your problem. It's not policy to check id unless you're buying booze or tobacco.


:( Today I spent half of my day between the police department and my bank trying to resolve almost $1000.00 dollars of credit card fraud through a Wal-Mart. It seems that you can give a cashier a hand written card number on a piece of paper and they will run that card WITHOUT id??????

Despite the charges being $583.00 and $478.00 at t the same Walmart location. I am looking into options on some type of either petition or class action lawsuit against Walmart and their policies. In taking care of this I have found 4 other people that have been affected by Walmarts policy, where they too had money stolen, but by check, where Walmart did not ask for ID. When talking to the banker that was helping me today, her comment was the "It is ALWAYS Walmart".

The police officer too seemed to feel the same way, adding that their video surveillance is a joke, offering little help in finding the perps.

Bottom line, Walmart may end up losing the money and their items, but the hassle, the time I took off work and the trouble I am dealing with is not acceptable. I for one will start with NEVER shopping at a Walmart again and spreading the word as fast as I can, hopefully other victims will to.


what about California? I live there, and they ask for i.d.

at least in my section of California.

It IS a requirement, unless it is under a small amount like $15 -$20. Anyone who says other wise is ignorant, or they don't have a good policy.




Schlotter - Wal-Mart doesn't CARE if they have their products paid for with stolen checks or credit cards for THAT matter, all they care about is making that $$$$!

YEAH...yours truly spent over $200.00 on groceries (Among my groceries was a 10lb bag of dog food and crate of bottled water.) …Well, the Wal-Mart cashier NEVER validated that the credit card I was using was mine (AND IT WAS...) HOW EVER, after leaving the cashier and out of this store, I too got stopped by the Wal-Mart NATZI Greater… to check my receipt :roll ...I was put off by the "criminal treatment" and spoke with the store manager after complying. His idiotic reply was that "Wal-Mart has trouble with shoplifters..." INSULTED by his remark, I replied - "So I look like a thief at the exit but not at your check out counter?!!" I showed him the amount that I spent in his filthy store and informed him that NOT ONCE - did his employee check the card I was using – validating that it was mine. He said that it wasn’t the store’s policy – in which I refuted the fact that the BANKS do ask that ALL parties receiving funds by way of THEIR CARDS (The BANK’S PROPERTY!) – VALIDATE the person’s identity against the card…IT’S THE LAW! I summed it up for this uneducated – uninformed Wal-Mart “Manager” that it was VERY CLEAR to me that Wal-Mart’s policy doesn’t have their customer's best interest as does TARGET...Therefore, I am returning my purchase now and you can transfer my $200.00 + back to my bank account! I demanded that he process this transaction, which he complied. TARGET – people, a better store with quality products and a customer service that treats their customers with dignity!


i dont know about u but im always asked for id.


This isn't just a Wal-Mart thing - Lots of retail stores don't make you show ID when using a check or credit card. And I don't know where you've been hiding for the last few years, but it's not exactly a new thing... At least not where I live.


uhh..... YOU'RE the one who lives in (liberalized) California