Saint Louis, Missouri
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I went in and as usual IM nervous because I don't want my hair chopped off. this girl started to cut my hair and told me she wasn't sure if it was even she told me to look at my hair and because she wanted to make sure i thought it was even.

I was scared she was gonna chop off my hair so I sad it looked great and left right away. During her cutting my hair she said " long hair is hard to cut" " it hair keeps moving , it must b your part". The girl did not even wet my hair .

I have never not had my hair wet when getting it cut.this sucks so bad that I had to leave there less confident then when I arrived and I have to spend even more money on a new hair cut. I wish I could get my $20 backs!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Walmart does not own the hair salon, the nail salon, the restaurant, the medical clinic etc. They are independently owned and only rent space in the store. You should address your issue with the salon itself.


If you tell the stylist how much you want cut off, it should come out fairly accurate. Some stylists do cut hair dry.

When you go in, you could ask for a shampoo and cut, or when you noticed she wasn't going to mist your hair, you could have asked her to do so. The customer is in control.