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I have used Wal-Mart Auto Centers for several years for my oil changes in my 2002 Chevy Pickup. Today it cost me $550.00.

I had to have my oil pan gasket and oil pump replaced. When the mechanic took off the oil pan. He was shocked. The amount of sludge that was in the oil pan was not normal.

I run Mobil One 10W30. Which does not accumulate sludge. The mechanic has used this oil for several, several years and has never seen such as he did with mine. This type of oil is a very clean oil.

He then told me that the oil I had requested for Wal-Mart employees to put into my truck was NOT what they were using. Even though that is what they were charging me for. I realize now. This is my own fault.

In all the times I waited for them to complete the oil change. I have only seen one time and employee use Mobil One. I had put my trust in the employees of Wal-Mart.

NEVER AGAIN will I use my hard earned money to support such negligence being performed by Wal-Mart employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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Sounds like negligence to me. Anything can accumulate sludge if you follow the 5,000 or even 7,500 mile change oil interval.

Knowing right now it is supposed to run 5w30 you are running with improper cold starting protection.

Also, take a quick look on google and what people have to say about Mobil 1. That will make you stop using it as sludge is a minor side effect of Mobil 1

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