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went to wal mart to get two tires for my car. to begin with the prices on the tires are the highest prices in town.

then when i told the lady what i wanted she ask a hundred questions about my vehicle. she gave me a sticker & told me they will take care of it & they would let me know when it was ready. i waited for one hour & thirty minutes for two tires & there was only one vehicle in front of my. and i know it doesn't take that long to put on two tires.

to top it all off when they was finished putying the tires on & didn't tell me that they was finished. they just left the tires setting i finally got feed up & ask the person that worked in that department & she said they wasn't ready yet but they was. no one told her they was ready.

when they finally got it straighten out they was rude about the whole thing... i will not buy tires from wal mart again......

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As I tend to agree that Walmart's Tire and Lube is very unorganized, usually under staffed, and typically morons, You are the greater *** for going there. Go to a tire store for tires.

You will find great service, great deals, and better products.

Oh yeah. Stop crying your f'n whinebag!

:cry u wine about the price y did u go there? if u would have stayed off your phone u would have heard your text dummy :cry

My question is... if they had the highest prices in town why would you purchase them there?



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