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Your asst mgr Dan at the blairsville ga store said even though the store had a break room for employees they could not tell them wher to sit for lunch. If this is true I will no longer use this store or the subway. Is this your policy? Your employees occupy all

The high tables at the subway and store customers have to sit in the back. This happens every day. I will expect someone in customer service to respond to this complaint if you

value your business and reputation.

J. R. Moore

Blairsville ga


These employees are brown bagging lunches from home and not paying Subway for

Lunch, have seen this many times, you people need to know what your local management people are doing. This asst mgr guy Dan just blew me off.

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Yes us employees do eat our lunch at the subway a lot. Even when we buy something from walmart, or bring our own.

The subways are nice enough to let us do that. We are on our own time, and it is none of your business what we do on our own time.

First B

If they are eating from the restaurant there should be no problem, they are not working then, but if they are eating other food, like their own lunch you have a complaint since you would not be allowed to eat non restaurant food there they should not be either.

@First B

Yes, but then it would be up to subway to ask them to move, not Walmart who has no power over them as far as lunches. They should complain to the subway manager, not Walmart.


Grow up, if they are on their break and eating at the restaurant it is none of your *** business where they eat, you are not some king or queen that they have to clear the tables just for you, it is first come first serve.


so what?


Its true. Walmart associates are allowed to take their lunch breaks WHEREVER they want.

They can even leave the store if they want. (Crazy, isn't it.) When they are off the clock (or even just on break) they are customers and management has no say over what they do, or where they eat. The tables at subway are first come first serve.

Yes, a breakroom is provided for the associates convenience but they are not prisoners who are required to spend their free time there. If I were the manager you were talking to I would have blown you off too, because your complaint is silly.