I purchased a bb gun for my grandson but his parents did not want him to have it. So I took it back to walmart and they told me their policy was no exchange.

I said I did not see a sign stating that. They said it was on my receipt. My reply was it is a little to late to tell someone after they bought it and that I did not see that either. The manager proceeded to tell me there was a sign and he would go show me.

We got to the gun section and there was no sign. He stood there a moment and said oh it's on the register. I replied I did not check out back here there was no one in the department. He told me their policy was no refunds on guns even if I did not see it.

I called customer service and got the same answer. I replied, you do not have to take the gun back but you could give me a gift certificate.

She said they do not give out give certificates for refunds. So I am out 60.00 and walmart is in profit but they are not for the consumer even though we pay them.

User's recommendation: Shop elsewhere when avaliable.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Maybe you could use it for is you find an intruder in your home. You could point the BB gun at them and then theyd take off running because in the darkness they wouldn't be able to tell that you were only pointing a BB gun at them. Or you could donate it some poor and underprivileged child who wouldn't get anything for Christmas otherwise.


Or maybe you can learn how to use it yourself. Walmart didn’t steal your money.

You made a purchase, plain and simple. Just because you refused to acknowledge the signs around you or even read the back of the receipt doesn’t make Walmart a bad company.

You made a poor choice of a gift and are just mad because you were both embarrassed by the child’s parents but doubly embarrassed when you were shown the sign. You could save the BB gun for a later present.


Seems like you would have checked with your grandson's parents before you bought a BB gun in the first place. Had you done so you wouldn't have this problem.


So they showed you a sign and you got your widdle feewings hurt. Boo hoo

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