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I have been using food stamps to pay for my stuff at the Walmart up my street going on 4 years now. For the first time ever the other day there was a problem and my food stamp card was denied.

The cashier was also rude and incompetent and didn't seem to care. I have 3 kids and another on the way and I keep struggling and none of my kids have fathers that support them. My kids would have gone without much that night if I hadn't called my local welfare office that day and straightened out the problem. I went back through that same guy's line and demanded an apology from him and got none.

I also think it was racist since I am usually the only black person who ever shops in that store.

When I went to my car I saw this same cashier walk out to his and noticed that he had a Romney/Ryan sticker in his car. Definitely a racist if he won't support the best president ever Barack Obama.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I think that Jerry Springer should run for the Democratic party with Roseanne Barr for his running mate. They would be the perfect pair to beat Trump/Pence in 2020.


2/10 Troll points have been awarded to you for this lame flamebait post. One for the construction and the second point because of its longevity. Great work...


if u cant feed them dont breed them


Figures. This country is dying thanks to people like this.


Folks, this is a perfect example of how Obama got re-elected and why the Democrats will probably continue winning for years to come. There are an increasing number of people in this country that have this sense of entitlement and this feeling that society owes them something.

This isn't just with black people either, this is increasing among all racial lines. Society owes you NOTHING. Your "fair share" is not in the taxpayer's pocket. Your fair share is going to work and contributing to society.

That is what has held this country together for so long.

If this does continue then eventually America is going to go bankrupt and will become like Detroit. Remember us warning you.


Just because he likes romney doesn't mean he is racist. Your the typical stereotype that is ruining this country.

A black woman who can't keep her legs closed and expects everyone's taxes to pay for your mistakes.

Unfortunately we live in a country who gives undeserving idiots money. And the cycle never ends because your continuously making more idiots who are going to grow up thinking its ok to abuse the system and then they are eventually going to make more idiots.


Get a job and keep your legs crossed *** ***.


1. If the card had an error, what was the cashier supposed to do?

2. It was all sorted out the same day by the welfare office, so it obviously was not the cashiers fault. He did not deny it, the register/card reader denied it. He did NOTHING, so should apologize for NOTHING.

3. You have an opinion, and it is apparently that President Obama is the best thing since sliced bread. Why can this man not have an opinion about President Romney being better?

You obviously are the problem with this country. You think your opinion is better than everyone else's, and that everyone owes you something. If they disagree, they are clearly racist in your eyes.

If I was the cashier I would have laughed at you when you asked for an apology in this same situation. Be glad you got what you did with your food stamps, you shouldn't be complaining that you had a slight difficulty having the government pay for your groceries.

Oh, and I supported Romney... I guess that invalidates everything I just said and automatically makes me racist. :roll


I think that blacks are perpetual victims. Even after their own kind become president, somehow, they still are the victims. And to be clear, our nation fought to free your people. Hundreds of thousands of whites died, to free your great great kinfolk.

And you should be ashamed to admit you can't stop having children, and that you cannot afford them.

You disgust me. Why should others support your continued *** decisions? Its clear your not smart enough to be a productive member of society. If you had any self respect, you would live in a ditch before you steal money from working Americans.

I would say charity, but your being paid with money that was forcefully taken.


So, you straightened things out with the welfare office that day and went back in that same cashier's line. What did you do after you checked out but before you reached your car?

Or do you walk very slowly? I ask because, if you saw the cashier reach his car, and he just checked you out in line, he would have had to clock out prior to leaving the store- which means he would have had to go to the back of the store to clock out, then reach the front of the store, THEN reach the employee parking area to get to his car. That is, IF that was his car, and NOT someone else's. I'm not buying your story.

I'm not even renting it. Lame.


You talking *** about my man Obama. That's right, old racist white man lost this election.

I will stay on food stamps and other government stuff as long as I want. After all the government has done to my people they owe us.


What the government has done to you is give too many of you this sense of victim mentality. What happened to your ancestors is not the fault of today's society.

Sure there are still some racists out there, but you have come a very long way in gaining equal rights. It is time for you to drop this victim mentality you have, start distancing yourselves from all of the publicity *** race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and join reality.


Dear Walmart Shopper... IF you cant feed um...

Kindly... Dont breed um...! 3 Children, 1 on the way, and you cant afford to feed your children? Food Stamps are a Subsity program, not a complete means of purchasing your families food supply.

I know many people in todays economy who are forced to use food stamps, and I dont have a problem with that. I support Obama, just for YOUR record, but also believe, if you cant afford to buy them food, surely you are not able to take care of them in other aspects of life. Clothing, Hygine,housing,medically etc. I hardly believe you are the Only African American Shopper in the Area , and even if that is the case, why would you think the cashier is a Racist, because he has a Romney sticker on his car?

I am not a Racist, I voted for Obama, and hate the fact when something goes wrong, especially when your saying its an ALL White store, that the problem is your color. I am so sick and tired of hearing Racist comments, let me tell you something Lady.. I live in a Prodominately Black Area, and not one time have I ever thought I was being treated different because of my skin color. Im not saying everyone has always been kind, we all have bad days, and even if I was treated rude, the last thing I would have ever thought, was that she was being rude to me because I was white.

Thats the craziest thing Ive ever heard. Although, I have heard that Quite often from African Americans. Us White Folks dont go around having bad days and taking it out on Blacks, let me just tell you for the record. IF we have a bad day, its because we had a bad day..

not because your color is different. I know some cashiers who have been pretty darn rude to me, and they have been white. just for the record. Its a sjame that someone with such BAD Luck with their race would even move to a predominately white area in the 1st place.

Sounds to me like the only person with a Race card here is you my dear... and By the way.... Im not sure I clearly understand what you are trying to say.. You went to the store at night, and say your kids wouldnt have anything if you didnt call the local welfare office the next day?

What does that have to do with anything? How did ur kids get anything that night, if you didnt call until the next day???? Anyone else wondering this themselves? and please...

African Americans reading this, please dont think I am being hateful for your race, I think its a beautiful race, and actually I believe their is only 1 race... the HUMAN Race... but it hurts me so bad, when people feel the need to pull a race card, regardless of their skin color.. I have many friends, and dont know any who would have low enough self esteem to believe someone would treat them unfair, because of their color....

Thanks for your time.. Tammy..


You got that right Scruffy.


I know from previous experience that sometimes the food stamp cards don't always scan, for some reason or another. It isn't just WalMart that has that problem, it happens in all the stores at various times.

In a way you were rude to go through the same check out and demand an apology. By doing that , you exacerbated the problem.

No matter who he supported politically he couldn't just deny your card. Maybe you should get some further education, so you can get a job and support all these kids that you think you need to keep having.


So let me get this straight, and I'm going to ignore the fact that you keep having babies the REST of us are forced to pay for. Do you not know where babies come from?

Anyway, you went through the line and your welfare card didn't wok. Wal-Mart didn't refuse to take your card, there was a problem with it that you cleared up with welfare. I realize that people on Welfare have this entitlement mentality that causes them to think they are OWED things, but it's not true.

In other words, the person at Wal Mart was simply doing his job. He owed you no apology. The person who owes everyone who works and supports their children is you, you and all the Babydaddies. Oh yeah, and also Barry Obama, the only president who could make Jimmy Carter look good.