Louisville, Kentucky

I ordered my son a paw patrol play set on black Friday and have still not received it here it is a week before Christmas and there telling me they don't have it in stock and a supervisor isn't available to talk to me but yet when I ordered it and they took my payment it was in stock or it wouldn't allowed me to order it.. I have been hung up on more then once and they keep acing like it my fault and the only option they are giving me is to refund me my money I DONT WANT THE MONEY I WANT MY TOY This is the worst customer service I have ever had SHAME ON WALMART ITS CHRISTMAS TIME YOU WOULD THINK THEY CARE

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Lack of stock, Long waits, Management.

  • Paw Patrol Play Set
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You have every right to be upset. They promised something under false pretenses and didn't deliver.

If you had known that it wouldn't be there on time, you would have continued your research. When you found your product at Walmart you thought the search was over.

Don't let them make you think this is your fault. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas.

Walmart knew that it would be busy when they posted that online. They should have made sure everything was lined up on their end before they posted it for sale. If they thought it wouldn't be in stock, they shouldn't have made it available for sale. Plenty of stores put 'OUT OF STOCK' for an item that is no longer available.

They knew what was in their inventory they should have stopped taking orders for that item.


Thank you for your support the sad thing is now I am forced to write a letter from Santa to my son saying that he was very bad this year and that is why he did not get what he wanted for Christmas. This was his most wanted Christmas gift.

I am forced to buy coal for my son and write a letter from Santa saying he was a very bad boy this year.

Boy did they ruin Christmas this year for my son. It makes me cry knowing that I have to write a nasty note to my son from Santa and give him coal for Christmas.


"You gotta pay the troll toll.."


One can only hope she is trolling.


Yeah because Wal-Mart is a caring human being. LOL!

I hope you learned your lesson about using Wal-Mart.


It is not a week before Christmas it is ten days before Christmas. I am sure other kids want the same toy, what makes you think you are so special that they should give the toy just for your brat.


My son is not a brat, but because of their mistake I am forced to buy coal for my son and write a letter from Santa telling him he is a brat and a very bad boy this year and that is why he did not get his Christmas gift from Santa. It is going to make him cry and it is going to make me cry.

Imagine being eight years old, wanting a special gift from Santa, being extra good for December and then not getting the gift because Santa told him he was a bad boy and that is why he did not get what he wanted this year?

Imagine the disappointment and hurt and anger he is going to face because I am now forced to write a note from Santa telling him he was bad this year that is why he did not get the paw patrol play set, this incident made me so angry that I returned all his Christmas gifts from Walmart and he does not get anything except coal and a note from Santa telling him how bad he is.


I sure hope you didn't write a letter to your poor child saying that he is "a very bad boy" because of some confusion over a *** toy?! First of all, you still had 9 days!

Second of all, you can probably get 10 of them the day after Christmas!! Wrap it up, walk in the house & say it must've fell off of Santa's sleigh!!

And quit messing up your poor kid. So much drama is unnecessary.


It's Christmas time. They should care enough to pull the toy they don't have out of their *** just for you.


Today is 12-15-14. Your math is off. BTW Wal-mart doesn't care, never has, never will.