Tampa, Florida

Today's date 2/26/13 Tuesday 4:30pm a person I have meet on the street a few times likes to brag about his special pharmacy treatment and how this gang of pain management patients all go to this Walmart pharmacy on St rd 70, 53rd St in Bradenton Fl on the only the days this certain male pharmycist works knowing this group of people not only sell there medication but enjoy shooting up there medication for recreational use. This person I have meet in passing and have over heard on couple of these passings has said this pharmycist turns all other pain management patients away and refuses to honner any other pain medicain prescriptions but knowingly serves this group of needle junkys.

I just think it is disgustingly wrong and unethical for a pharmacist to allow this to go on. Its one thing to turn someone away because you don't like the way they look but to turn around a honner a pain prescription to a known pill dealer and needle user just because you can is a sad miss use of a pharycists power over the people that really need there medication to maintain a some what normal life.

Walmart should be aware of this and take a mediate acction. I do not know which male pharmacist it is but I do know he works on the day I have listed above.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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Learn to SPELL correctly before leaving a post that could possibly get someone fired!! This sounds as if you have an ax to grind because MAYBE this person didn't fill YOUR meds! Don't people bother using spell check anymore??


What street corner you meeting this guy on?


Go get an education and then post when you can spell and your mommy knows you are posting naughty things! :p :p :p :p :p :x :x