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I recently visited 3 walmart stores in the Denver area to find the same empty shelves and dirty floors at each location. I live 2 hours from the closest walmart so when I go, it's with a list to stock up.

This occasion was mostly for camping/sporting goods. The sporting goods section of of the first store was a dismal sight, many empty spaces, not one single flashlight! The floors were dirty and merchandise from other parts of the store strewn about and this was the first stop of the day at 9am. So decided in was just a fluke and I would try another store on my route.

The next store was just as bad so I left without a purchase. Being a lifelong user of Wally World I decided one more chance on my way out of denver was worth it. No real improvement. When I arrived home I looked at and found everything I needed, so I placed my order.

Six days later I get an email stating that their system had canceled my order. That simple with no other explanation. So with that walmart has lost me as a customer for life. My local grocer and bass pro, sportsmans warehouse, etc will easily fill that void.

Also check walmart prices.

They are not what they used to be. Other retailers have figured out how to compete.

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So you drove two hours to shop at a store notorious for bad reviews, while you said there are local stores closer to home that can fill the void? Why didn't you shop at the local stores in the first place?

People like you are killing Main Street America. You cheap redneck.


I don`t know why I cannot reply to you dealwithit, but I don`t have the problem at the local grocer and bass store, these companies and not just walmart tend to hire college students, they would rather socialize than talk. My local grocer does not have items out of place, but of course they hire middle aged men and women, not college students who are just there to socialize, the customers are also college students mainly so guess they are paid to socialize with their friends who shop there and not help us middleaged people which is also discrimination.


ageist. lmao.

discriminate much? the kettle is black lmao.

its about training and caring not age. and be consistent.


It is not discrimination when I said that middle aged men are more likely to do their job than college thing, it is a fact, as you get older you get more mature. You have more experience.

It is like you claiming it is discrimination to not allow your 14 year old to drink, or drive a vehicle, it has to do with being mature and having the capability to do this responsibility. That is why the driving age is 16 and the drinking age is 21.


Assuming that college aged students only go to work to socialize and middleaged people don't is also age discrimination.


No Walmart within two hours from your house, year right, unless you live in a remote area or a dessert. I am pretty sure there are at least 10 (the least) in within that driving time frame. There are too many IMO.

First B

Living in a dessert that must be sticky and sweet.

First B

I love how the people writing these complaints think that it is the employees that are putting merchandise all over the place. I ask Jay, have you ever picked up something because you thought you wanted it, then changed your mind and put it anywhere, that is the reason the items are all over the place, the rest of the complaint I can understand.

@First B

As a retail worker half my job is putting away things guests leave everywhere. But it IS my job and my fault if my store has stuff everywhere. He is right about that part, at the very least someone should take the initiative to sweep


How *** hard is it to put the items in a buggy that is not in the right place and take it up to the right place, that is your job, yeah and firstborntriplet I have left things on the shelves if I did not want them, because it is not my job to put them where I found them, employees like 100employee are paid to do this, and speaking of him, he makes up excuses to not do his job, yet he complains no one takes the initiative to sweep,

100employee, why not take that initiative to sweep yourself, because you want someone else to do that is that correct? Well I am sure your other lazy friends feel the same way.

Thanks for proving how incompetient and lazy you and your coworkers are. This makes me more reluctant to shop there. A comment from an employee blaming someone else instead of taking the initiative to sweep the floor yourself. Congratulations you just made my decision to not shop at your stores.

I will go to my local grocer and bass pro, sportsmans warehouse, etc will easily fill that void. They may cost more but at least they have employees who take the initiative to do their job, and they are never out of stock, and their stores are clean and their employees are not highschoolers who socialize rather than sweep the floor saying it is not their fault.


Yeah, because no other stores in the world besides Walmart ever have items in the wrong place or things on the floor. It is the employees responsibility to put things back where they belong when found out of place but they can't be everywhere at once.