Mankato, Minnesota
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I shop at the wal mart in Mankato , Minnesota. It is a busy store and every time I go to shop, there are no electric shopping buggies.

It is sad that a store of that size cannot provide enough buggies for the handicapped. Yesterday my 82 year old father had to wait an hour for one to shop. This is totally unacceptable. I myself am disabled and have this same problem every time.

Please make more electric buggies available. I can not afford to shop other places. It is very hard when you survive on social security. If I shop at the store in Fairmont Mn.

they are always out of order and when they work , you can not get one.

You need to address this problem. Thank You .

Reason of review: electric shopping buggies never enough.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Prices.

Walmart Cons: Lack of electric buggies, Never have enough lines open.

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Actually, this seems to be the case all over the country. I think most people understand the problem and would like to see it fixed or at least addressed, but today it's all about the cost not the customer.

History always repeats itself (in this case 'penny wise and pound foolish'). I just hope we see a change in our lifetimes.


supply and demand


This was pretty much the same thing at their Louisville store on the Outer Loop. People that obviously don't need the carts use them because they are too lazy to walk through the store.


Electronic carts are a courtesy, they are not a requirement. It is also not Walmart's fault that 20 people come in at the same time need/want to use buggies and only 10 are available in the store.


One would think that Walmart's corporate heads would realize that their bottom line is impacted due to the fact there is a growing number of consumers, mainly baby boomers, who rely on electric scooters to shop. I am 58 and have asthma.

I have gone to Walmart countless times only to walk right out when I find not a single scooter and when there is they are not charged due to employees' failure to make sure they stay charged.


Its because some people use the carts and they are not injured or handicapped in anyways, and workers and management arent allowed to say anything to them. It makes it bad for the people that actually need a scooter.

I've seen teens using them and heavy people, that get up from the scooter and walk over to junk food and walk back to the motorized cart.

Unbelievably. I know you said you are on SS, but maybe try getting your own personal wheel chair, at least you'll never have to wait for one when you go shopping.


They can tell teenagers to get off I believe since they have to be 16 to use a cart.


Complain to the store manager. You might also check around outside before you enter the store and see if there are any carts left outside that you could use.

But, complaining here does no good. Given the personnel at any WalMart, complaining to the store directly probably does no good either.

Personally, I would just shop at Meijer or Kroger even if you have to pay a little bit more. If you shop the weekly ad sales at Meijer, you actually can do much better than paying WalMart's regular prices.


I am on social security, I cannot afford to shop elsewhere. Did you even read what I wrote?

Thanks for replying but please read the whole review before replying instead of just the first few lines. It is only five paragraphs, and they are short.

I don't see why you can take the time to read the whole thing before replying. That would have taken you just as much time as you replied to read all five paragraphs.


Why are you being so rude?? They were only trying to help, seesh.

You know what, I'm glad they don't have enough scooters maybe you'll learn that you can't always have what you want.


Jeez... felt bad for you until that remark.