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My husband who is partially paralyzed by a stroke uses a scooter to get around.May 2,2014 at approximate 3pm he attempted to use the family /disabled washroom ,at the front of the store right next to the other public washroom.Because of his condition its difficult as well as unsafe for him to go alone into the men's room alone unless there is no other choice.I tried the door it was locked we waited for at least ten minutes tried the door again thinking someone may have locked the door by mistake.Finally he feared he couldn't wait any longer he went into the men's room alone only to discover he couldn't manage and came back out.I had stepped away for a couple of minutes so I missed him coming out he tried the washroom door again finally a Walmart employee emerged.My husband asked him why he would use a designated wash room when right next door the able bodied employee could use any number of toilets.Needless to say the employee proceeded to give a seventy year old cripple a dressing down when my husband said he'd have him reported he told him to go ahead.We asked to speak to a manager and where directed to a assistant manager Jerry who listened to our complaint then a second assistant manager arrived they tried to figure out who the employee was which turned out to be a Tony Fisher.Jerry said he guessed he could take him into the office and talk to him beyond that what did we want .An appolgy was what I suggested.Tony was summoned he admitted what happened with no apology and stated he couldn't care less if the disabled man sitting in front of him couldn't get into a wash he could leave the store.I was flabbergasted that this man would speak to any customer little lone a disabled man in front of his bosses no less.Tony Fisher is a rude man who seems to feel he can run ruffshot over customers and obviously management.During this ordeal neither assistant manager spoke up to him at all I did my best to defend my husband,but it was useless this man couldn't of cared less.Finally the women assistant manager told Tony Fisher to go back to what he was doing she walked away and the assistant manager Jerry not sure what else could be said after the insult to us said he was sorry.I can not believe that a Walmart would allow an employee to verbally attack anyone never mind a senior citizen who is disabled and can not defend himself.These family /disabled washrooms are used by employees to hide many times we've waited and waited then an employee emerges .I don't know what else I can say the experience was was beyond was is exceptible if I hadn't witnessed it I wouldn't of believed it.Shame on Walmart employing a man so disrespectful as Tony Fisher.The Walmart is in Weston West Virginia 26452 store number 1653.

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standard treatment at walmart. they could care less about customers.

First B

The censored word is j-e-r-k, have no idea why that word is censored.

@First B

My censored word is a-s-s-h-o-l-e, and the OP is being an *** by demanding an apology then claiming that when Jerry did apologize for Tony's behavior that it was an insult. Basically they think because they are old and disable the whole world should bow down to them.

None of this rudeness would have happened if he poor pathetic disabled husband did not give Tony a lecture.

If her poor disabled pathetic helpless husband had kept his mouth shut than Tony would not have told him off. The husband started the whole thing by telling Tony off but poor disabled pathetic old husband could not take what he dished.


You're a disgusting human being. point blank.

First of all, she DID NOT say that Jerry's apology was an insult, she said that all that he could think to do after THE insult (Tony's), was apologize. Second, the employee DEFINITELY deserved a lecture for using a bathroom that is clearly meant for those that are disabled, when he wasn't disabled, and there are plenty of non-disabled bathroom stalls available. And lastly, who the *** do you think you are calling a disabled senior 'pathetic'. You're pathetic in every sense of the term.

Clearly, you have no common decency. You're complete and utter waste of space.

Inconsiderate people like you make me want to vomit.


They are pathetic, the cannot finish what they start. The point is they apologized to this couple and this couple can dish out abuse and when they get stood up to they can't take the abuse anymore, they play I am an old pathetic disabled person who cannot defend myself. I am Tony put them in their place and did not allow them to get away with rude abusive behavior just because they are old and disabled, and from the description(to make us fell sorry for the husband) the wife made him sound like he is pathetic and weak and useless

@First B

A. The Tony employee was a ***.

A major, major ***. While I don't think an apology should have been coerced or required, he definitely should not get away with his belligerence towards the customers. B. The general public often does not understand that employers are not going to discipline employees in front of them.

That is done behind closed doors. C. I would venture that "Tony" was in the handicap/changing room because he needed to conduct some private bathroom business, i.e. he had to go #2.

Or, is it possible he has a physical aliment that necessitates using the handicap bathroom? I myself have an ankle injury, and after 2 surgeries and 2 years healing time, I can finally walk OK, but I still have problems and try to use handicap stalls when possible.

If someone ever confronts me, they will have one highly pissed off person to deal with. And, in my case, there won't be any manager for that person to run and get to report me.


Exactly there could have been a good reason that Tony was in the handicapped washroom, but this couple thinks that the world owes them because they are old and the husband is disabled. Not only does the husband give him a lecture about using the washroom, when Tony stands up for himself he plays I am a pathetic old disabled person who cannot defend himself, well don't go around starting things if you cannot defend yourself.

Being old and disabled does not give them a right to disrespect others and apparently this poor pathetic disabled husband cannot take what he gives out. He plays the I am pathetic and disabled and defenceless when put in his place.

He was not pathetic, and helpless when he gave Tony a lecture. No one is saying Tony is a saint and was right, he was wrong, what people are failing to see is these old people were rude and are using their age to get away with it.

First B

Well Tony is a ***, but I am sure when they hired him they had no idea he was a ***. Yeah companies like this sometimes have favourites.

I seriously doubt that during the interview Tony was being stuck up so they had no idea he was stuck up. Sometimes customers also use those washrooms when they should not, what is the difference between a customer using that washroom and an employee using the washroom? Both are disrespectful.

I am sure he will be talked to over it privately as Harris stated. Harris is right fake apologies mean nothing.


I agree that the Tony dude was rude, but what did you expect the manager to do? Give him a spanking and tell him he has been a bad boy.

The manager already said he would talk to him privately in the office about this, it was taken care of, and a forced apology means nothing. Discipline usually happens behind closed doors.


These people are old and disabled and they expect to get special treatment because they are old and disabled, though the issue was resolved they still want a public apology. Also honey, it is not just Walnmart you will get *** anywhere, including your husband who thought it would be a good idea to lecture him about using the handicapped washroom.

He was not old and defenceless and disabled when he gave the employee a lecture but once someone defends themselves you claim he is old, disabled and helpless. Also Jerry did apologize for the incident and that was "insulting" when an apology was what you wanted. Tony was wrong but this whole review says I am old, I am disabled I can do whatever I want, say whatever I want, and will play the I am a pathetic old person if someone stands up to me.

The world is full of Tony Fisher's and you ban an entire company because of one man, it is like those racists that assume blacks are thieves because of a few people, or that Jews are cheap because of a few Jews.

@kevin richards

You just do not understand Kevin Richards.There are laws in place for the disabled.This couple should contact an attorney asap.Someday that might be you,Kevin Richards.Karma has a way of creeping up on people.You seem like an angrey person who has a sad life.Maybe someday you will have commpassion and kindness for the human race.I was raised to respect the old and disabled but you have a coldness in your heart.Someday maybe you will learn a lesson but by then it probably be to late and you will be disabled and old and be treated like c r a p.KARMA


Nope, I said that the employee was an ***, however the husband had no right lecturing the employee about using the washroom then playing I am a pathetic helpless handicapped person when he was put in his place. The point is these people think that because they are old and handicapped they can do whatever they want and no one can say boo.

No laws were broken. No attorney will take a case where someone used the handicapped washroom.

If the old and disabled want respect they need to respect people themselves. Respect goes both ways.