Taylor, Pennsylvania
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I'm 55 yrs old and a disabled veteran with many health issues, just to mention 1 I am a diabetic. Valentines day weekend I went to Walmart in taylor to pick up some things, it was very cold outside as we were in the middle of a severe cold snap.

As I pulled into my parking spot I felt my blood sugar going down slightly so I headed into the store to get something sweet to eat in order to bring it up. B the time I did this I became very cold and started to shake badly so as I was leaving the store I went under the heaters were they store the carts to warm up. People stand there all the time.

Anyway I'm standing there and this lot boy approached me and was very nasty in telling me to get out of this area as no1 is allowed here. As I apologized and tried to explain myself he again got nastier using vulgarity and profanity directeded at me and said if I didn't get the F___K out of here he was going to call the F--KIN cops, real nice person employed at that store

Reason of review: nasty employee.

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I believe your story. Unfortunately, too many employees are not trained in the application and use of discreet judgement.


Seems like there is a lot more to this story. Why do people feel the need to downplay their part in a confrontation?

Your probably the perpetrator and not an innocent victim.

I run into your type all the time. Get a life and stop picking on hardworking individuals.