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Ms Green checked out of our local Wal Mart in Chandler OK she gave Pam the cashier 40 dollars cause she did not have the 31 dollars she called Connie the younger gentle man very close by an him an Connie view the tape it showed Ms Green giving Pam the 40 dollars so she gave her the 9 dollars back an Pam told Connie that there no ten in her register the Connie was pissed off bout it she need to be remove if she going to get that angry with her expression on her face Ms Green is a african american lady these are three white employee Ms Green felt that she was making a falase statement this Connie need to be removed now

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Is this some kind of crazy math problem we're supposed to figure out? !! What?

Houston, Texas, United States #1346381

This complaint is a wall of text.

I cannot read it due to the fact that it is a wall of text.


Say what now? Cause if her bill came to 31 dollars she wouldn't get 10 dollars in change. Maybe go back to first grade and work out arithmetic and writing.


BOO HOO!! Next time write it so people can understand!!

Oh wait! you are crying over the RACE CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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