Ozark, Alabama
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Just when I get use to buying a product at Walmart, they discontinue it! My latest complaint is Delicat.

It's the only catfood my cats like. They are also pissed. I live between two towns and neither one of them sell it anymore. I am so sick of going to Walmart and not being able to find what I'm looking for because they don't have it anymore.

It seems like it's happening more and more. I guess they think since they ran off the small companies that they have us over a barrel.

They don't care!!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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did any body knows which products are discontinued in walmart


i enjoyd writeing that comment...


jason, jason, jason i hope u reply to this becuz u seem to have a caring nature fo ALL people and a wonderful mellow job where you get paid lots.. and DONT WORK at wal mart..

i have no prob. with walmart..

i like it acualy. but i mean YOU seem to NEVER EVER had CHIDHOOD problems at ALL...........(dont you enjoy sarcazem??????) :grin


Like someone said, I am a *** on all letters. Also you probably should be makinng a complaint too because the only thing you can afford to eat is cat food. It would be a shame when they discontine your favourite brand of cat food.


Dear Jason Tillo: This is a public forum for customers to complain about companies. I understand WalMart is the only store you can afford to shop at which is the reason you are so defensive about others complaining about it. God forbid they shut it down and then where would your welfare *** be?


You will have to forgive Jody fella, she is probably upset because they dicontinued the diapers she used for herself, or perhaps because they discontinued her favourite brand of bibs. That poor baby they discontinued her the only cat food her cat eats.

They probably don't sell a lot of that cat food so that is the reason they discontinued it. However Jody can't see it that way because she is only five years old and she thinks the world revolves around her.


If you had any sense at all, you'd figure out that the complaint was more about Walmart discontinuing products than it was about cat food.


it's frigging CAT FOOD, you old spinster.