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To whom it may concern: I've been buying the 5lb. box of fiberfill for

allot of years. I make things for the school Santa store. This fiberfill

made very nice pillows. The stuff you replaced @ our St. Marys Wal-Mart

is horrible. It's too slippery and you need more for a pillow. When I was

stuffing the few pillows with the new stuff, I had this glassy looking

stuff all over my bed. The cotton fiberfill did a nicer job. I won't be

able to help the little children out by making these 50 pillows for their

Santa store. Please get the 5lb. box back at our store. Thank You for


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I know what you mean about leaving leaving that glassy looking stuff all over your body. Last time i mastur bated using that stuff it absorbed all my flow very nicely which made for an easy swallow:)

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