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Unfortunately, with Walmart you sacrifice competence and customer service – just to save a measly couple of bucks.

I went to this particular Walmart (Walmart store # 937, 2795 Chastain Meadow, Marrietta, GA 30066) to send some money via MoneyGram. Well for one, the line was long and no one was at the Money Center. Some one ultimately called someone, but the line soon grew.

Some loud and outrageous young man with deer antlers came and decided to help with the line. I believe according to his name tag, he was a ‘customer service manager’, but he was clueless. Before started the transaction, we asked him what was the limit and fees and he didn’t know. He asked the other woman, then threw his hands in the air and said that ‘he didn’t want to do this anymore’ when we told him how much/to whom we were sending the money. BTW, next day Walmart and I spoke to MoneyGram, come to find out that this ‘customer service manager’ and the other Walmart crew were wrong in the limits and process to send the amount of money we were trying to send.

After this ‘customer service manager’ left (upon refusing to do our money transfer), another Walmart employee took over. She was polite, but she was also a bit clueless. When she printed out the receipt for me to sign. I advised her that the recipient’s name was not like how I put it on the MoneyGram order. So, there you go, that ‘customer service manager’ was busy coming up with reasons to refuse to do the money transfer, instead of inputting the information correctly on the transfer. But, thankfully, the other Walmart employee fixed it.

Now, when this other Walmart employee completed the second money transfer, my address was wrong. I asked her to fix it, but she refused – saying that it was not necessary. I insisted, but she insisted, so what can you do? I took her word and was wrong.

The next day I get a call from the recipient of the second money transfer, letting me know the transaction was “blocked”. I went back to Walmart and the employee at the Money Center called MoneyGram and MoneyGram advised the Walmart employee that Walmart was wrong about the limits on money that could be sent.

Well, after staying on/off hold for the longest, and several transactions done by the Walmart employee and another ‘manager’ to resend the money, there was an error in the recipients’ name. Again, I asked that it be fixed, and had to wait again. So, I browsed the store and came back. Well, the manager came back again to help the Walmart employee and told me he corrected the recipient’s name, but could not give me another receipt showing proof of it. I was upset, but what can you do?

Two – three hours later, I get a call from the recipient, letting me know that he cannot pick up the money because of the spelling of his last name. I, at past 2PM, have not had any breakfast, spent most of my morning trying to fix Walmart’s error from the previous day, had to jump into my vehicle, spend time and gas to drive back to Walmart.

When I went back to Walmart, I asked for the store manager and all I got was several floor managers who “claimed” that there was no store manager present, but they would take my information. I got even more upset. Then, one of these floor managers – smacking chewing gum and talking to me like I’m a fool - said that she was refusing service to me. Mind you, not once did she even apologize for the *** poor service I had and/or cared to ask why I was so upset. I left her and went to the Money Center, and just like how I was allowed to go to the front of the line earlier that day, I did the same.

Well, this floor manager, she followed me. The customers were upset because I went to the front of the line. I tried explaining to them that I’ve been here earlier this morning, that the recipients of my money transfer were standing by waiting on the money, and I needed to fix this. The floor manager called security and I pulled out my cellphone to start recording and was told to leave the building. I refused and continued recording and both the floor manager and some guy she called (perhaps store security) told one of the customers in line to go ahead and call 911 because they were doing the same. So, I left the store.

Therefore, after two days of going back and fort to Walmart, being told erroneous information, being disrespected by Walmart and its employees, I was kicked out of the store.

Now, they can say what they want to say about my conduct today, but after being yanked around for two days, spending gas and time to do a simple transaction that should have only been done “once” from the get-go, how would you feel? Wouldn’t you be upset?

So, there you go, discounts in exchange for incompetence and beyond garbage for customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Terminate those incompetent and rude employees. .

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Management.

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