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12/11/2017 xmas shopping nite at walmart ,,, first i wanted a refund on what i had purched a week before.... seemed strange but i flowed with a yellow jacket greeter asking if i was returning i said yes i infgormed him i did lose my reciept ( i went from enterance to cuatomer service ) so he scanned and at this time it wasnt in stock, i called before then and was informed to ask for a manger,,, he acted like he didnt hear me at that point they said they hated handicap people and said go to another walmart we dont want chairs here and i laughed at that time he told 2 others in chairs to leave refused to service r let them shop........

i had heard walmarts discrimanation adgainst wheelchaires never in life would i wanted to believe it but i found out first hand thats true and as i lefted i felt so belittled and so hurt that i cant stop actually crying about it.... it hard tyo swallow even being handicaip but to treated like a idiot or a problem makes it harder.

Review about: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: All of it was bad, Attitudes of employees, Sorry cant help you, Lack of knowledge, Staff not friendily.

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anon and annonymous.... lets peop;le take time to talk about these people all i ever see is there two putting everyone sinsgle review of every single peron on here yet there profile isnt here like they r GHOSTS,,,, i know i had to sigh in with my facebook,google r twitter,,, but go ahead peole double cliick these names again and again now go to yr name are another,,,,, see profiles whats up see rite here im blamming pissed off consumers and asking whats up why are these two not showing up,,, r they working 4 u r what,,, now ladies and gents,,, whyt r they getting to commenyts without sighing in yet all us have to and they have nothing postive to say on any reviews..

so PISSED OFF why do they get speciall yr covers blown who r these loser? i have a right to know do tell,,, i think youd want to




This complaint is difficult to read due to the way it is written.

Poor grammar, words that do not make any sense, and poor sentence structure.


Why do I think this story is fake

to Anonymous #1405874

its not fake it happened to me mr Annonymous,,,,,,would u think its fake ?

to dagoangel81 #1406230

Because it is fake.

to dagoangel81 #1418978

There's no way this happened as you say, dagoangel81. Too many instances of you being supposedly discriminated against in the most ridiculous of ways. I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

to Anonymous #1406683

cuz yr fake

to dagoskater1904 #1407748

It's clear you're just a miserable person. All of your posts and reviews show that you continually think you're being discriminated against.

You are the problem, not everyone else.

to Anonymous #1418999

reporting u

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