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cashier sells a pack of ciggrettes to a women in front of me on a line and did ask her for id because she knew her and the women looked about 26 to 28 and im the same age but she asked me for id but i told her you didnt ask her for hers so why are you asking me her response was oh because i know her......i told her that i thought it was required by law to ask even if you know the person and she said that the lady bought all the time and tht she knew she was over 40 but the lady clearly look younger and was very upset because its not fair that cashier ask for people they dont know and for people they do know they dont......shouldnt it be required by all cashiers to ask ANYBODY for id

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: make cashiers ask every single person for id .

Walmart Pros: Excellent customer svc, Discounts.

Walmart Cons: Unprofessionalism of employee and manager, Operational dysfunction.

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Nobody cares, you will be dead in a couple years from smoking anyways....LIGHT IT UP!


This is not discrimination, she knew that the customer was over 40 because the customer probably goes there all the time to her lane. She knows her ID like the back of her hand.

But what business was it of yours anyway?

Age can be deceiving sometimes. For example you are probably an adult, but if I were to judge your age from your spelling and grammar I would have thought you were eight years old since this looks like it was something written by someone in the third grade.