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School just stated this year and I have two children. I bought them backpacks for their homework. I did not have time to go shopping earlier on because I am a registered nurse and work 10 hours a day so finally this Saturday I could get them a new backpack.

When the cashier was scamming the backpack she searched the backpack's incase I had hidden anything in them. I felt very embarassed. I think she was suggesting that either myself or my children have stuffed merchandise in the backpack. I suspect she thought that we were thieves because she assumed I am a single parent. I however am a single parent. But why am I being discrimated against. For all you know I could be the one shopping while my husband was at home. Why assume that I am a single parent just because there was no man shopping with me. This is discrimation. Also why do you assume that just because someone is a single parent that they will steal. I will have you know I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I make well enough money for both myself and a partner. I make well more money than your manager does. I make more in one month than that cashier does in a year. She has no right to discrimate against me just because she thinks I am a single parent.

I think for the embarassing way we were treated that we should get another gift card. I have gotton one before. (for bad service) but this situation entitles me to another one. I don't need it I WANT it for the poor way I was treated. I understand if I were black and had small children why they would suspect me but this is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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You are such a ***. Maybe you should stop going to WalMart, since you have so many problems with them.

How many *** times have you posted about being "discriminated against", or whatever, and wanting $100's in gift cards for your 'trouble'? And no one cares that you're a nurse, so shut the *** up.


If I send you enough gift cards to purchase a gun, will you blow your brains out, and put the rest of us out of our misery.


You are wrong baddiesgirl, she has been to the same store several times and each time she is trying to get something. Whether it is because the subway in the store asked her to clean up or because she is not allowed to return opened videogames she is always demanding money and complaining.


I get the impression since this person didn't know that was the policy of Wal-Mart (and I believe others as well that carry the same sort of merchandise), she obviously doesn't shop there on a regular basis and/or purchases such items there in the past.

I'm a single parent and I take offense to this post as not once have I ever been discriminated against at Wal-Mart or anywhere else for being a single parent.


That this woman is entrusted to care for sick people is terrifying.


to be such a "well educated" single parent lady you sure are ignorant. What does being black or single have to do with it?

I think that you just want to b*** about something so ONCE again you can get something for nothing.... They check all bags like that.

You dont even deserve to make that much money if you are going to act like that. Which youre probably lying about because if you made 90k a year you would not shop at walmart


No, offence secret07, your spelling and grammar is no better than hers. For example you spelled embarass and i'm wrong.

However this particular poster makes a number of complaints on this site. All stating she is a registered nurse and all asking for money or something. If people agree with her letter she will take credit for it. If not she claims she never wrote the letter in the first place.

Then if she does not like what people have to say she results to name calling. She is racist and thinks she is better than others because of the amount of money she makes.


Oh my god. you are a joke, first of all how did you assume that the cashier thought you were a single parent?

You need to go back to school and focus on your grammar and spelling, freaking ***..

you crazy B**** do you even know the meaning of Rn? haha Im embaress for you!!!


They check all backpacks, purses, storage bins, etc. no matter who buys them. If you were embarrassed, it's all on you.


Sorry, complaint265, there is another person by the name complain265 who also happens to be a greedy self-centered rude registered nurse. Everytime someone disagrees with them she calls them immature teens. Then when people tell her off she says someone else made those comments with her name.


It seems that it is all right for her to discriminate against those that make less than her, minorities, teenagers however when she thinks she is being discriminated against she screams bloody murder. Complain265 you are the one discriminating here.


I bet when she sees how we replied to her letter she will claim she never wrote it. She always does that when we don't take her side. Then she results to name calling.


Hate to break it to you lady, but it seems like you are the one discrimating against Blacks.


Well since you call everyone that disagrees with you in your other letters to Wal-mart I am going to call myself "sexually frustrated teenager" because I am 15 and have not been laid. :cry

Let me tell you Princess Complain. Any store has to check bags. This does not always mean they think you are stealing. For all you know another customer could have put something in the backpack. Paper, pencils ect to try it out and see how the papers will fit then decided they did not want it anymore and left everything inside.

Second whether you are a street ***, Registered nurse or billionaire they have a requirment to check your bag.

Third stop taking advantage of Wal-Mart. They are known for bending their rules for honest customers to keep them. However with customers like you taking advantage of their gensority they will have to get strict with everyone including those not as well off as you.


FYI - Walmart employees are REQUIRED to search any item which anything could have been put in because there's a possibility that maybe the customer put things in there to make it easier to carry. I have worked for WalMart twice and both times I was trained to do such things before they would even let me get on the register.

And like the other person said, they do this for EVERYONE.

I went to WalMart WITH my husband to get backpacks and they still searched the bags. I've gotten plastic storage bins and they checked in them. When I bought my purse, they checked in it. And every single time, I was with my husband.

No one is singling you out. Get over yourself.


some people are always trying to get something for free. you are pathetic! it's because of people like you that employees are underpaid and overworked


You are some piece of work!! Are you the same lady who posted "taco-bell.pissedconsumer.com/ignored-mother-with-two-starving-children-20080809130888.html"?? First of all, your income has gone up 10k to $90,000, which I serious doubt; I'd think you'd be more of a cleaning lady in a hospital than an RN, which you'd be an insult to the cleaning ladies.

Second of all: "I think for the embarassing way we were treated that we should get another gift card. I have gotton one before. (for bad service) but this situation entitles me to another one. I don't need it I WANT it for the poor way I was treated. I understand if I were black and had small children why they would suspect me but this is ridiculous." Gotten another gift card, or asking for free food coupons from your other post; you are one serious leech. Got news for you toots, they search anyone going through lines at Walmart with shoe boxes, backpacks, etcs., anything large enough to hide other items in, it's not just you and your paranoid schizophrenic mind. I don't think I even need to address your comment about not being black; I'm white and offended by what a *** you are.

I feel sorry only for your children and what a pathetic example you are providing.