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my daughter was leavin the south sioux, nebraska walmart with her bags in hand and the door greeter forcefully yanked the bags out of her hands as she was walking by and demanded a reciept,,as she dumped the contents on the floor, she called me crying and I went there demanding to talk to the store manager he just brushed it aside and said"we will handle it" as I stood there waiting for him to arrive.. Several people walking by who witnessed it had said" They do that all the time to people of color".

There version of handling it was they moved the greeter to another walmart store in iowa and to my shock it was the one we frequented.. so we just stop going to walmart

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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"They do that all the time to people of color".

Well DUH. Everyone is a color of some type. :cry


Honey oth spellings are correct, "color" is used in United States and Canada?. "Colour" is used in Canada?

and Britain. Not sure how Canada spells it, but that spelling is correct.


This is directed to "sorry".

If you read the comments of others you would see that the daughter was "shoplifting" and they were watching her very closely. She did not shoplift her that day, the mother even confessed that the daughter was shoplifting before. Then a few days later she was caught. Even when she was caught she accused them of racism. Also the mother is assuming Trevor is racist because he too works at Wal-mart.

To the mother, it does not matter if the child was 8 or 11 or 50 anyone over five should know that stealing is wrong. She got what she deserved. She was not mistreated by the greeter because of her color, but probably because she was they had their suspisions before, only they needed proof. Whether she actually did steal that day or not we don't know. It is most likely she did and she was crying because she thought she got caught. Obviously this was not lesson enough because two days later(the mother actually admitted this) she did steal and was caught and her mother made excuses cried racism. She even wrote a letter about how "racist" the security was for arresting her daughter who actually did steal.

So "sorry" read before you comment, because the mother even admitted the daughter asked for a Barbie Doll, the mother said "no" so the daughter decided to steal it.


most of what i read of racism on this site is so false it is funny! but from what little your story tells your daughter was a victim of discrimination . and i am just disgusted by the comments of others.


It doesn't sound like discrimination to me. It's funny, you people are always crying about racism.

It's because of people like you that the racism issue is still around. Everything is because your black, right?

It's a huge conspiracy against the black people. Get over yourself.


You people will cry racism over anything, but let's face it. You guys commit most of the crimes in the world, (especially the more serious) the more serious the crime the more you people commit them.

Besides your daugther did steal the Barbie doll, which just shows how your people are. Then you have the nerve to cry racism.

Let's face it people are going to suspect you people all the time because you actually lie, steal, cheat and even kill your way through life.

It is a sad fact but it is true. Infact studies show your brains are slightly smaller than ours.


I'll get that answer for you Berkman. "Accountable"

Jen - They probably demanded your daughter show her receipt because they suspected her from before.

If she was caught this time she was probably suspected before. It is not because she is black. The manager probably told the greeter to do this because if she stole the barbie dolls and chocolate bar she probably stole at that time when you left her alone.

But only security could arrest her so you should be ashamed of her and not the greeter. They have every right to protect their merchandice even whether you are black or white.


Its not discrimination if she committed a crime. That just means she is a thief. You should hold her accountible not make excuses.

Blackrack what did I mispell?


Wow, Trevor was just trying to be helpful and you assumed he is racist just because he also works at Wal-mart. Now who is the one discriminating here? Also if your daughter was stealing she deserves to get punished no matter if she is black, white or green.


Trevor, you work at walmart so you are just as racist as the greeter, don't pretend to be on my side and stick up for me. You are just making yourself look good. Well you know what your racist company arrested my daughter for shoplifting a few days after I wrote my last comment. This was in the same store as that racist greeter. Are you proud of working for walmart, are you proud of a company that would arrest a 11 year old child.

True my child was stealing two days after I wrote my last comment, however it sickens me that if she were white she would have gotton away with it. They just suspected her because she was black. If she were white your security would never have arrested my daughter in the first place because they would not even suspect her of stealing.

I took her shopping after school. She wanted to look at toys and I let her while I was doing my shopping. After I left there was the same racist greeter that wanted to check my reciept. I refused to show it to her. Then to my surprise a few minutes later a security guard arrested my daughter for shoplifting. She had stolen a Barbie doll and a chocolate bar from the toy department. (the chocolate bars were hanging hear the dolls. The doll she had stolen was one that I refused to buy for her earlier. Well I admit what my daughter did was wrong, however they would never have suspected her in the first place if she were not colored. If she had been white she would have gotton away with it.

BTW Jason my daughter is 11.


Does it matter that much Trevor, your store make so much money that it won't hurt them. I bet even your store makes a pretty profit.

Also because the items were under $20 they did not press charges. They just called our parents and the police and we were sent home and given a warning.

I could do it again and as long as the items are under $20 they don't do anything unless you make a habit of it which I won't. I am not ***.


You were shoplifting at which store, better have have not been from mine.


it's spelled "color" Trevor, not "colour". At your rate you will have a long career at Wal-Mart, because with your spelling you won't find a better job.


Not, all Wal-mart stores ate like that. That is not our policy.

Let me tell you something. At our store,(and probably even the store you went to) they are allowed to ask for a receipt, however they are not allowed to grab someone's bag(especially a child's) and start searching through it without permission, in this case from you the parent.Whether your daughter was discriminated against because of her skin colour or not I don't know. From the way people are it is possible that she was discrimated against.

However whether your child was guilty or not only security can check a bag and only if they have proof. Otherwise you can refuse to show a receipt.


How old is your daughter anyway? She is such a crybaby.

Now come on when my friends and I were really arrested for shoplifting at one of the stores and when we knew we were in deep *** we did not cry, and we actually did something. Your daughter is such a crybaby.


For your information, I don't have a job right now. I am currently in college.

Also in Canada we have a program called "No child left behind." I guess that you did not have that program at your school since my five year old sister can compose a better letter than you. She is gifted you know. If anything happened to my sister I would too be upset. However if I wrote a letter I would check it over and use a spell check.

Something you were not taught. Gosh with the emotional reply that you gave me I would think the daughter not the mother wrote the comment. If you can't take comments from other people perhaps you need to leave the site until you are less emotional.

I have more connections to the real world.

I hope you are not teaching your daughter to assume things they way you are. I also hope your daughter is not being home schooled by someone that can't even spell receipt and guess.


If anything happens to your daughter,, heaven forbid, then make a comment.. Until then go away!!

You must be one of the Walmart workers... Let me guesse your one of those people who's only connection to the real world is your computer!!

just go away!! Snotty people like you are why customer service sucks in this country


I am not saying that she has been justified, I am saying that if you are going to write a letter at least check your spelling. I think you need to reread my comment if you can read without jumping to conclusions that is.

Gosh are people on this site babies.

On planetfeedback people don't get so worked up over things. I have a gifted five year old sister and she can write a better letter than this.


Blackrack, I'm also sure that when people write things in websites like this...They are pretty angry. So being a smart@$$ and trying to make the writer even more angry totally helps things.

She's ticked about what happened to her daughter. You honestly think the Wal-Mart was justified? I've had things like that happen to me, while I was with my family in Wal-Mart and I'm not a minority and we are a clean and very kept family.

Every time, I turned right around with over $200 worth of groceries and march to the customer service desk and ask for an immediate refund. They can go screw themselves.


I am sure your child can spell "receipt" properly. I guess they don't have the "No Child Left Behind" program where you live.