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Went to store & saw a worker there that I had not seen for some time who was the greeter for the night (meaning his job was to say "hi" and "bye" to the customers). We were talking while he did his greeting and the supervisor "Randy" walked over in my face and yelled for me to leave.

It was embarrassing, and I felt threatened, later to find out that this is how he treats his employees as well. I made the supervisor Randy aware that this is not how you treat customers. He replied by saying that "he guess he does not know how to speak to people". I could not even continue to do my shopping for the fear that he (the supervisor) was going to approach me again, with the possibility of being physical and or more threatening which was not called for as I posed no threat.

The greeter and I were not in the way neither was his worked being hindered whatsoever. I have a letter from the employee confirming all statements and more. The employee apologized to me and said he was embarrassed for how I was treated. I contacted Walmart corporate offices and later was contacted by their marketing rep Irene Hernandez.

The initial complaint was done 4/28/2015 and no effort to make amends for this incident has been made thus far. I will now be seeking legal assistance as this should not have (1) happend, (2) it shouldn't be tolerated and (3) was not only unethical, but discrimination (being that I was the only person African american other than a few workers in that area that was approached so aggressively by the supervisor "Randy"), harassment and even felt like I was threatened being that he got in my face (personal space) and told me to leave in a loud and aggressive tone.

I let the marketing rep that contacted me know that if this supervisor did this to me imagine how he was treating their employees. This is something that should or will be overlooked.

Reason of review: I was discriminated against, felt harassed, and threatened..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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For all of your response although not asked for, Walmart is looking into this incident and will be reviewing the video which is why they have surveillance. No one is playing the "race card", and no one is exaggerating.

And whether your opinion suggest it happened or not doesn't matter, While attempting to point towards a "victim" card here, you should be more concerned how I was treated as a customer as this could be you one day. Stop being so fast to give a comment before you think. This could have been your child, husband, wife, and or friend.

People please think before responding. The proof is in the video footage not whether or not your think or believe this distasteful situation has happened.


***, please. You're just out trying to get paid.

You want to get your piece of the action while the black lives matter hype is still in play. Girl, BYE!!!!

....Also, Pissed Consumer is not the place for this


Post something on an online forum such as this, people will comment and share their opinions, whether you asked for it or not. Buckle up


I HIGHLY doubt it happened like this. The manager more than likely reminded his employee that he's on the clock, and if he said anything to you at all it was something along the lines of now is not the time for catching up, and you got all in your feelings and got butthurt.

I'm African American/Puerto Rican myself, and I can see you're stretching for a racial problem. Push to get corporate involved, if you really feel you've been wronged.

Otherwise, leave the lawyers and the court fees out of this,and just hang it up to dry. *SIGH* This is NOT a civil rights issue...


While the manager's actions definitely sound inappropriate, playing the old, tattered race card cheapens the validity of your complaint.


Please, just slow your role before you embarrass yourself. You're really willing to waste money on a lawyer over this petty nonsense? Check yourself before you rickety-wreck yourself


So he just walked up to you and yelled in your face to get out??? You couldn't shop because you were in fear of him???

Sounds like a major exaggeration to me. Your friend needed to do his job which actually is more than just saying hi and bye. Walmart doesn't pay him to stand around having long conversations with old or new friends. You are just ticked off because you were asked to leave him to do his job and do your "catching up" later.

Now its a racial thing? The race card is played out and getting really old.

Quit using it every time people don't kiss your ***. Sounds like an attempt to gain monetary compensation for something that is overly exaggerated.


So a manager told you to leave so his employee could do the job he is being paid for?


Oh, Ladyscot... I find it funny you made a post about online bullying on Pissed Consumer...

And yet, here you are, harassing a poster. Are you still employed?

You sure spend alot of time on here... Didn't they say you were found dead, half eaten by your dog, ***?


Playing the race card I see