Davenport, Iowa
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I was at my local walmart and was approached by an associate and the said that they definitely needed to check my receipt I was wearing dirty pants from working in my yard and had my tattoos showing the 4 customers in front of me did not get checked. My money was good there just not my looks I feel like getting an attorney and trying to stop this from happening to anyone else.

By the way I'm a iraqi freedom veteran who is disabled.

Way to go walmart. I have not alot of choices where I can shop in my town so will have to still shop at Walmart just have to make sure I have on clean clothes and that my tattoos are covered up so I won't have to put up with this again .

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Be aware there is no law stating that one has to produce a receipt before leaving a store. The Wal-Mart I used to shop at had a hateful old woman at the door that would rudely ask for my receipt and I always would show it to her and she would mark her highlighter down the receipt.

After shopping there for years I grew tired of having to stop to show my receipt. So one day when I was in a rush, she ask for my receipt, I said I haven't the time I'll show you when I do if you think I've stolen something then you detain me and call the police.

She never ask me for a receipt again. Though they built a closer to my home and I shop there and I am never ask for my receipt.


I have piercings, tattoos(9 on my arms) and I go to walmart in ripped jeans and old shirt and I never get stopped.....I doubt looks had anything to do with it....


Me too, it probably had to do with him trying to sneak a television out without paying for it. Or that those batteries that he "accidentally" dropped in his jeans pocket.


So you think you should sue a company for checking your receipt? Give me a break.


i see anonymouse is busy again trolling the complaint sites from the safety of mommys pc making negative remarks about others complaints, because anonymouse eats cheese and is too poor to make a purchase at any of these places we, the rest of us frequent


I left the store with a sticker that set off the alarm apparently I was followed in the lot and asked to see my reciept and my bag and asked to return to the store. I was in a suit and said I can not return to the store I gave them the bag and the reciept.

they looked at the receipt and the bag and said the sticker was left on an item that cost all of 15.00 dollars. sorry for the confusion!


You dress like a homeless drunk what do you expect? Also what does being a disabled Iraqi vet have to do with anything, are you discriminating yourself saying that that means you don't steal but if you someone else would steal based on their occupation?


I doubt it had anything to do with your looks. You probably had a large item, or items that were not bagged or perhaps the alarm went off.

In any of those cases, your receipt will be checked.

Don't make such a big deal out of it. If you paid for your items then you shouldn't have a problem showing your receipt, then going about your business.