Savannah, Tennessee

i got the job in the deli at the savannah tn walmart well there is a worker there that doesnt like this family she found out they was going to hire me she went around telling the other employees she would make sure nobody in this family gets hired at this walmart see she doesnt get along with nobody in this family because she has kids by someone in this family she thinks she owns this walmart it sounds like discrimination to me not hiring someone because of who there family is i reported it to walmart cooperation and walmart careers already

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you know what a comma is? Or a period?


Do you even know what a sentence is?

If she has kids by someone in your family, she got along with at least one of you!


Me too. I take it in the butt.


Kevin, don't comment on postings about jobs. You don't have one, so you are not qualified to speak about employment.


So true.


You two don't know this for sure, and if by your logic he does not have a job because he made a few posts neither do you two have jobs