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I was racially profiled and discriminated against at the Walmart location in White lake Michigan. The customer service manager, accused me of stealing my own merchandise.

The merchandise in question were 2 $40.00 I-Tunes cards that were not given to me. Tim the customer service manager informed me that he would not do a "***" thing for me until tomorrow. Furthermore, as an African American I felt discrimated against since the manager Tim would not speak to me but instead spoke to my wife. Moreover, Tim informed me that there was not a manager in the store to talk to me.

After about 3 trips to a phone he finally came back and told me that the manager on duty "refuses" to speak to me. At that point I was very upset, I contacted the 800-walmart number and while on the phone Tim indicated that he would not help me since I was on the phone with Corporate. Moreover, when I asked for the managers name and the 800 number Tim refused to give that information to me. He stated he was the manager in charge and he was handling the situation.

To that end, Tim stated that no one could look at the tapes to see if I "took" the I-Tunes gift card in an accusatory manner stating that most of the time customer take the cards to get something for free. When asked if he was accusing me of stealing he said, "not necessarily" but that is why we have to have our Asset Protection look at the tapes. Finally, 20 minutes passed and a gentleman named Shaun spoke to my wife, again he did not acknowledge me at all, probably because of my ethnicity. The manager Brad who he referred to walked passed me in his black pants, white shirt with a black tie and did not even give me a look.

I am appauled at how I was treated and to this day did not realize that corporations allow employees to racially discriminate and racially profile customers. Furthermore, the greatest part about our society today is the fact that we have technology and therefore these poor actions where recorded. Hopefully, Walmart management will contact me in the days to come to address this and make it right. If not I will be subject to take legal actions which again in my defense I have recording of the poor treatment and the language that was used toward me since I know Walmart's cameras do not pick up voice.

By the way, shortly after leaving the store and having to drive 1 hour back home, Shaun the manager who spoke to my wife called to inform us that the I-Tunes cards were found. When asked the cashier gave them to the customer after us.

How ironic that they were able to review the cameras tonight when I was told by TIM the CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER that no one was able to review cameras tonight.

Very disappointed in my experience and do not plan to use the Walmart in White Lake Michigan again since obviously there is an issue with minorities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My two cents, this was not racial. I'm guessing your wife has nice cans, I'd rather deal with a great rack as well.


This was racial, the manager only checked the tapes because of my skin color. If I were white he would just take my word and not check the tapes.

He told me that it was procedure to check the tapes in situations like this, that it is policy.

He is hiding racism behind policy. Yeah it is policy right, if the person is black it is policy to think they are stealing and to watch the tapes, if they are white it is policy to give them what they claimed they paid for without looking at tapes.


Your wife was probably the calmer and most reasonable of you two so the manager chose to address her. I do the same thing regardless of skin color. And unless you saw the store manager, how do you know what color he was?


You must be the manager in question. He told me if I did not calm down he would call security.

I feel that that is not the case. He did not want to talk to someone that is black. My wife even said the same things that everyone else said, that this was not racism, this was procedure.

As much as I love her she knows nothing about racism since she is white. She did not have to experience racism during her whole life.


Of course I am. I am also a cashier at target, the manager of CVS, the pharmacist at Walgreens, a stocker at Walmart, a teller at Bank of America...


The store managers are only puppets and corporate cares nothing about your complaint. I to was bullied and Noone would help me either. My experiences were in Freemont


First of all taping isntbgoing to do *** cuz u did not inform anyone they were being recording which by law u have to do .and if u knew anything at all about what. U were talking u would not be pulling the race card


You were not discriminated against, they were just following procedure.