Pasadena, Maryland
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I was shopping at your store when I approached an employee to take me to the section that sells golf clubs. She however saw this young boy who appeared to be lost.

He was crying. She was trying to help the boy first. he was about six years old and wandered away from his parents. She then asked me if this was my son, even thought i asked for help first she was going to help him first.

I lied and said that he was my son because I knew she would help him find his parents first. The boy confirmed he was not my son. Then the mother came and finally found her son. The lady told the customer that I claimed to be the father and the mother looked at me funny.

She thought I was trying to kidnap her son when I lied, however I said he was my son simply so that I could get service. Now I am a man and I explained why I lied. She still looked at me funny. Had I been female she would not have thought I had bad intentions.

I spoke to the manager about this and he said the employee was right that lost children come first to protect them from being abducted or getting hurt.

It did not matter that I was asking for help first that lost children came first. I left everything in the store and left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Are you for real?


Fake letter. Dude, if you are going to write troll letters here, at least TRY to be funny and interesting.


Fake or not, this is America, we have entitlement issues, I would not be surprised if this was real and him thinking that his finding his golf clubs was more important than helping a lost child.


I really, REALLY hope so.

To the OP, on the off chance that you are capable of telling the truth:

The woman looked at you as if she thought you were a kidnapper because you were acting like one. As for your claim of "being a man," you disproved that the second you lied to someone who was trying to help out a lost little child.


....... someone please kick this guy's ***.

with a golf club. and afterwards, dont forget to tell him how much the golf club was. but the *** kicking was free.

geez. weirdo.


You are either lacking a soul or a complete blithering ***...maybe both! To even assume your 'service' would come before helping a lost child is beyond words!

And to lie and put that child in danger for your own selfish needs...if I was that mother I would have pressed charges. Policy was followed you ***!

Is that how you act in the emergency room too?

"Doc, I don't care if that man had a heart attack! I was here first and have a papercut, therefore I'm fair!" Grow up!


While I agree he is being a blithering(whatever word you used) what charges can you press if he had no intent on kidnapping the child. If you were the mother I would hope you would keep a better eye on your child.


Considering he was willing to leave a child to potential harm for his own selfish needs...not to mention attempting to manipulate an associate from following store policy during a Code Adam? Trust me he's lucky walmart didn't arrest him.


them damn cops better not arrest if they know what good for them


Good for you! You have thus been named "*** of the day."