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we were walking out of walmart 1732 Precinct Linerd, hurst and the woman checking receipts, walks past several groups of people and goes straight for my children and I. i tell her that i do not have the receipt and she starts raising her voice at me, stop moving i need to check your basket.

I ask her why she isn't checking anyone else and she say, i need to check you. so my husband comes yup behind me and asks what was going on, she says, i need to check her receipt and her basket, so my husband asks her to stop harassing me as he had the receipt, show it to her, she shakes her head and goes back, several people go by, she doesn't check them, when confronted, she starts saying that she is not racially profiling me, just that my two items in the basket needed checking!!! this is not the first time this has happened, i sent money at walmart in davenport iowa on 53, the guy wouldn't let me leave as he was not convinced that sending money is all i did. he harassed me for 15 minutes when i said i would call the police he backed down!!!

this foolishness needs to stop. i have zero need to rob walmart! i have my own money and I am a hard working proud to be African woman.

Walmart stop harassing people just because their color is deeper that what is deemed "normal" in this country! for a big shop, WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.


Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: AN APOLOGY .

I liked: There were people to help when we needed help, There were people to help, People were willing to help.

I didn't like: Do not like being treated like a criminal.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1262667

Did the people she didn't stop have items all bagged? Because Wal-mart checks things that are not in a bag, they don't check everyone.

Playing the race card makes you look tacky and pathetic.

Also....if you didn't have the receipt, then she had a right to be suspicious. I'm certain once she saw the receipt everything was fine.

Tracy, California, United States #1260658

You are racially profiling her by making the assumption that she asked to check your bags because she is white and you are black. This is not because you are black but because you had no receipt.

The fact that you are teaching your children to play the race card is disappointing. If you don't like being "racially profiled" than do all your shopping online. They cannot see your skin color.

I hope your children saw through you and what a fool you were for playing the race card and do turn out to be like your husband.

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #1262681

You do not have to show a receipt once you buy its yours. Just them them for F off and call the cops if they want.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1260328

What's the real story? You were causing a scene because you had to go through the same thing as everybody else, but you were stopped because you - by your OWN ADMISSION - did not have the receipt?

I 100% racism is still prevalent.

When people like you in this situation pull the race card, it unfortunately dilutes real experiences of racist actions. Even if you don't respect yourself, at least think about your actions when you are disrespecting the people that have to endure real racism.

to offconsumerpissed Tracy, California, United States #1260659

She does need to think about her actions, especially if she has kids. She and her husband are teaching them to play the race card. I bet when they grow up and get a bad grade on a project they would play the race card rather than realize that the other student got a better grade because they did a better job rather than because they are white and her child is black.

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