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So Mitchell from Wal-Mart I Fishkill NY calls to tell me she has an open position in the Toy Department. My availability states I can work Mon-Sat.

This is because I am traveling by public transportation. In Dutchess County there is no buses on Sunday. Now being an Equal Opportunity you have just judge the fact that I don't own a car so I don't qualify. Which this would be discriminating not intentionally.

So basically you are only willing to hire people that are able to drive.

How would you consider that as an Employer. Not to get into personal lives, how would you even consider that the person has funds to even obtain a vehicle.

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It also appears more so that your religion is discriminating against you not the other way around. Call me crazy but I seriously feel all religion is in desperate need of an UPDATE.


How you get to and from work is NOT walmart's concern nor should it be. It is and always has been YOUR responsibility to find your way to work.

NO they will hire anyone that can fill out an application and can provide an open work schedule. Your religious endeavors ARE not Walmarts concern get off your self entitled mind set and do what the rest of do BIKE IT or walk or have a friend or I could go on. I'd say pray for one but I don't think you faith has that much power or any power for that matter. The only person you can rely on is YOURSELF.

If you want the job bad enough you will find a way. It just depends on how badly you want it.

Sounds to me you don't want it that badly but would rather spend time fishing for attention. What you want to hear and what you NEED to hear are often very different.


Maybe get a bike? The buses here have the ability to carry two bikes...


If you were to say you were unavailable on Sundays for religious reasons, then their refusal to work with you can consider that discrimination.

If you cannot get to work then what you can do is hitch a ride with somebody. I'm sure somebody would give you a ride to work.


Not hiring you because you're not available when they need you is not discrimination, it is good business sense. If you are not able to get there on Sundays because the busses aren't running then more than likely you would not be able to work holidays like thanksgiving or Christmas eve, when the store is open either and that would not be fair to the other associates who have to work them.


The only way you could cry discrimination is if you had originally stated you were unavailable on Sundays due to religious reasons. Too late now, you've already stated its because of the bus system. If the position requires Sunday work, you can't cry discrimination based on the buses not running.


Oh cmon... It's not discrimination...

Buy a bike for crying out loud...

Or WALK! They are only willing to hire people who are open to work everyday!!!!


Is there cab service where you live? Could you get rides with co-workers, etc.

There are numerous ways you could get to work.

There are a lot of cities that only offer bus service six days a week and a lot of them don't offer late night service. People that work in retail have to be flexible as to the days and hours that they can work.