Springdale, Arkansas
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Millions of blacks folks are still looked over for hiring and promotion all over. We still hear the N word from crackas, we are still treated suspiciously by the *** police, we go to jail for crimes we don't commit, we face housing discrimination.

This still exists in 2013 America, folks. I have experienced so much of it that it isn't even funny. This seems to happen the most at heavily *** places at Walmart. Black folk get treated horribly at ***-Mart, probably the worst place for discrimination of black folk.

Crackas don't seem to understand as they have never faced what we have and they probably never will. It is a sad state of affairs.

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Troll or not, this is a perfect example of why there is still racism against blacks in the *United* States. Aside from being the most violent race and thinking you deserve special treatment because your ancestors who you never met were rightfully enslaved, you can't even spell the name of your country right.


Racist *** tend to get treated like criminals.

Admit it: you failed your GED program because they asked you to spell GED.

And you couldn't.

Hahaha you tard.


@Esty Effyew

Mean *** I'm Black and feel this person's pain. :cry :( :cry :cry :( :cry :cry :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :? :( :cry :( :cry :cry :( :cry :(


If you want to be treated the same as others, they stop acting like trash. "*** police"? I sure wouldn't hire or promote you.

Sara L

I can't believe some of you are actually arguing with this immature, racist, i diot. :roll :roll


You can than Jesse and Al for promoting racism at every turn!


Your use of the word crackas and misspelling of the word "United" have me believe that you are just as racist as the people you talk about and your claim of discrimination may just be the fact that you have a narcissistic tendency to be owed something when you go through hardships of what is called LIFE.

Get over it. Its 2013.


You haven faced *** Your ancestors did. Oh and it's been over for awhile now!


Omg really? Get over it!

If anyone is discriminated against, it's white people! You yard apes get everything handed to you.

When you don't, you just through up the race card! Try working for something!


Like calling us yard apes?


No class, jigaboo, jungle bunny, tar baby, cotton picking ***.

Take your dirty uneducated *** back to the projects where filth like you belong.


Of course discrimination exists in the UNITED STATES and it is all around. Not just white against black.

Light skinned black think they are prettier then dark skinned BLACK. Blonde blue eyed whites think they are better than bruneet;s with brown eyes. With the economy being so bad lots of places have pay freezes in place some for years 4-5 years.

It is just the times CEO of course are not with the pay raise freezes they still reward themselves very well but the low level replaceable (disposable employees).